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In Service For Selfishness

img_0236This week I had the opportunity to get closer to one of my 2017 goals; contribute 100 hours of community service or specifically “be in service.” At first, I pictured serving the homeless regularly, but then I also sat with the idea of being in service. I opened up to the possibility of saying yes to anything that would serve others. So yesterday, I spent a few hours at the Free Whittier Store cleaning out their storage room. I loves their idea that instead of just buying new things, they encouraged community members to come get something they might need for free from them.

I also got a chance to attend the Wednesday Awakin Meditation Circle where I sat in silence for an hour and then got to connect with other like-minded individuals to discuss our AH-HA moments which for me meant that I get to say yes more often to opportunities, and when I do other things open up for me.  My mom made me aware that our gurdwara feeds the homeless every Saturday in Santa Ana through the efforts of an organization United Sikhs, and it hit me that there is always a chance to be in service when you are selfish about your vision. I get it is not for everyone, and I hesitated to post because I am not looking for congratulations, but my hope is to get others to do the same. Have a Sunday planned, use a few hours of that in a way that will make you feel like you are on the top of the world. That’s exactly how I felt this week.


I Am Done! When Divorce is the Only Choice #Legal Reasons 37

The term “irreconcilable differences” is first reason given on California forms for marital dissolutions (the States’s fancy way of saying divorce). It is a catch-all phrase when partners can no longer continue in a marriage. It explains the failure of a marriage in a way that few words can.  I am struck by how much is covered in that simple phrase, and how often I get calls from people who have given it there all, but can no longer continue. It still surprises many when I advise them to seek counseling, to try all ways before continue on the path for divorce because it is a slow process and one hard on both parties as they share with the court their finances, the inner workings of their relationship, and can lay bare what made the marriage fail.

It is not for everyone. We all have had bad fights, and there are times we struggle with our spouses, but filing is a weapon used when all negotiations have failed. When truly the parties are at an impasse and cannot resolves their differences. It is not a decision to make lightly or in the heat of emotion. So truly try everything else before making that call.

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Wait But Why

Arriving back from Jackson, Mississippi late last night, it hit me how it was good to change to your environment for a few days. It is easy to get caught up in the hum drum of daily life, and while that consistency has its benefits, what I found was that with each travel occasion, I had a chance to deepen my love of interaction with others, find new food and stay in moments of gratitude that I have the privilege and luxury of being able to have new experiences.

It is too easy to take for granted the opportunities for connection with others that  you do not see very often. Although I was a relation by marriage to many there, I was made to feel like immediate family and that comfort and care pushed me to want to create more moments and opportunities like this in the future. Also, my crazy desire to try the best food where ever I am also played a big part.

A friend sent me a great article while I was there, and it seemed as if the Universe conspired yet again to let me know Papa looked out for me as it emphasized that we have very little in person time left with loved ones. It is easy to get so caught up in pursuing our financial dreams that we lose sight of the real treasures in front of us. So today, take time to make spending time with loved ones an EMERGENCY. Trust me when I say you will drown in regret if you lose that opportunity/


I Got Fired Over The Phone: #Legal Reasons 36

While President Trump made “You are fired” a national slogan for some employers, California has set specific protections in place for employees no matter how “bad” an employer thinks they are. What happens on the television is particularly a fantasy as in order to be terminated, an employee must receive their final wages at the time of termination, along with reporting time pay if they are scheduled but have not begun work. For each day, they are late in receiving their final pay, they are entitled to a “penalty” of their hourly rate up to eight hours each day.

More often than not, these penalties can add up to more than the wages owed. Recently, a client received over five hundred dollars in penalties for the employers failure to pay wages that were in the tens of dollars. As an employer, be aware of what is owed, including reimbursement, mileage, and overtime.   Also, it is a good idea to do an exit interview as it may give you insight as to the goings on at the department the employee worked at. As an employee, it is always good to review the check and to know what hours and days you are being paid for.


Vision Over Circumstance

Sometimes the weeks and days merge into one, and I wonder if what I am doing matters. It is easy to talk about all the stuff I get done during day, all my accomplishments, but deep within there is a constant battle of whether any of it really matters. Each day, I visualize a better me (spiritually, emotionally and physically) and express gratitude for what I have, yet there is a constant nagging feeling that I am not doing enough or that what I do is unnoticed by others. And then I see a beautiful sunrise, and it feels Papa is telling me I got you son. You are doing the right thing. The eyes fill up with tears once in a while, but that silence morning communion with him also does the job of bucking me up.

His morning routine I am adapting into my own, and I treasure this alone time as I am surrounded by my vision and doubts. Both do a daily battle, and I have to say my vision is winning more often than it used to.  Still, that’s not to say that mornings when I get to also grieve and really allow myself to miss him. The rest of the time belongs to my vision. It is the only I allow myself to be in my shit. Only time when I miss him with such ache that I wonder how others do it. Yet, the pain also subsides a bit each time I do something I feel like he would be proud of (namely law, being in service to others, waking up early. etc).

It helps to have these moments, to see my life as that bloody beautiful sunrise because happiness will always come through vision over circumstance.


Do You Know What You Are Worth? Legal Reasons#35

shutterstock_570748177The reality is that many employees do not review their pay stubs because of a common fallacy: trust. This is not to say employers are out to betray you, but businesses are biased towards decreasing costs, especially labor as that tends to be the largest expense.  Many employers also are not aware about premium overtime, rest break violation penalties, failure to give lunch break prior to the 5th hour and a host of other regulations. Thus, it is important for employees to periodically review their pay stubs. Also, review your job descriptions to see if you have been properly classified.

Are you being paid the same amount every paycheck (which should arrive on the 10th and the 26th as mandated by California law) even though you are an hourly employee?   Did you take your lunch, one minute later than 5 hours on a 8 hour shift? You are entitled to a one hour wage penalty?  Were you terminated over the phone and informed that the final check would be given on the next pay dates?  California requires that a final check, including reporting time pay (if you were on the schedule) be given to you at the time of termination.  It is prudent to check your pay stubs as well as know what your overtime rates should be. You never know when that information could come in handy.