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Loving Time with Others

Over the weekend, I found out a friend’s mom passed away and instantly regret enveloped me as I’d been meaning to go visit her. Time and time, it appears that life can get away from me while doing tasks and knocking off to do lists instead of getting loving time with others.  It sometimes feels pointless to have a vision for myself when it does not include making time to show and be love for others.

Yet there is a part of me at peace because I feel I can be of service to my friend and his family. Her passing reminded me where I was at when my father died and the best thing I got offered were people who just came to be around me. So I did that, and I plan to continue because by being around my friend, I honor his mother, but most of all, I honor our friendship.

I am not gonna lie. It isn’t easy to ignore my regret, and it shouldn’t be because it become a reminder of how I can be better. Sometimes, I get too busy patting myself on the back, when in reality, I have a long way to go. This weekend served me that reminder with a punch to the emotional gut.

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Living in Committment

This month I committed to reading 5 books, putting on 5 pounds of muscle. be in service consistently, be in integrity in my role at Ziba and continue growing my law practice. Some have pointed out that I have too much on my plate, and others keep asking how long I can keep it up.  Yet what is the point of living of vision if you are not striving to be your best in all categories of your life? I will not be defined by just by my work, hobbies or passions. Just as we are multilayered in emotions, I believe setting high goals is the way to live a life of legacy.

Sure, are some days harder than others? You betcha!  Especially with immense help of my new networking group BNI, I am getting multiple referrals, and others are sending me their loved ones. As my responsibility grows, instead of overwhelming me, it empowers me as I know I could be doing even more. I have learnt and communication and renegotiating commitments are valuable tools when I am present and aware that I may not be able to get to something. Being in integrity may not always mean that I will finish everything as planned because reality is life happens and there are unexpected hiccups.

Yet what I have found is that by either being vulnerable and seeking support, or just communicating and renegotiating a new time, 99% of my stress is dealt with. So I will continue on this journey until I cannot because I want to live a life of purpose not just existence.

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No More Labor

Holiday Monday’s are always strange. Instead of getting through my daily checklist of tasks, I got a chance to check in with loved ones and spend some intimate time with my wife. Yet it is more than that. It’s great to be high performing, but it can come at a price. I am still learning how to turn off my drive so I can recover and perhaps just Be. It is much too easy to go check off things to do and go from day-to-day and then suddenly realize that at 45, I am blessed to be where I am at in life.

It is that moment of presence that matters more than the to do’s, the accomplishments, material rewards. Only by being present in all that I do do I really get to relish what I am accomplishing. It is easy to brag to others about all that I am getting done, but the real person I owe that duty is to myself. When I stop living for others, but be in service to them do I make my life vision a reality.

It is not an easy balance to not be doing something at all times, but only in the time of presence can I give the gift of who I am. Too often, I react not really giving myself or others the benefit of who I really can be. So today on this labor day, I vow to be more present.

Happy Monday!

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Sources of Re-energy

The weeks have begun to blur as I balance Ziba, Legal Clients, BNI, Volunteering, Working Out, Writing, and duties as the Vice President for the Artesia Chamber of Commerce. This doesn’t include intimate time with loved ones, mentoring others, reading or having time to unwind. I am not going to lie, some days are a balancing act, however  unknowingly, I also set myself up to win by installing three energy centers during the week.

Mondays are days I volunteer for the Illumination Foundation which, by far, sets me to win because being in service really does satisfy me to the core. It reminds me why I do what I do and that others matter. Wednesdays, I am part of a young chapter of BNI in Cerritos whose members energize me with their smiles, passion for their varying industries, and openness to stretching theirs (and my) comfort zone in speaking, networking and presenting ideas.  But then I lastly end the work week on Fridays with morning conference call with my Leadership power team where we explore various prompts about life, leadership, and intimacy.

It hit me that when I am engaged, I draw energy which pushes me to be a better version of myself. In fact, nothing I do feels like work because I do it with joy and purpose. I am at peace with my vision in life. It’s strange, but as I become more content and confident in my purpose, I am asked to contribute in new and exciting ways. The old me would shun new challenges especially in arenas I felt were not in my “experience” or outside “abilities” yet with my energy sources, it feels as if nothing is out of reach anymore.

What are you doing about your vision/life purpose?

Happy monday!

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Growing Experientially

It’s been a whirlwind of week.  As I learn more at my new Volunteer position, and my networking BNI group (Professional Business Alliance), I feel as if my world is expanding. I finally feel I am stepping into my vision, and firing on all cylinders. One thing that’s truly enabled me is managing my calendar on Law of Attraction Planner. Then I also got to spend some intimate time with my wife and later on, my cousins and dear friends. With each moment, it hits me that living my vision and purpose is not about money or how much work I got done. To be sure, it matters that the basics get taken are care of, and I take care of my responsibilities, but more and more it’s become apparent that showing up for yourself means showing up for others.

It is easy to be busy, however it’s only task related and not something that moves you forward in life, then it is just things to do to feel as if you are doing something when, in actuality, you are marking time. More and more, I feel that I’ve been put here to do more than just take up space, but be in contribution to others. Happiness for me has become about experiences not material wealth. And I am more than okay with that. Happy Monday!

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A New Monday and My Why For Weight Loss

Each week, I spend a few minutes just reviewing what I accomplished. I take a moment to express gratitude and truly take in when I move forward. It’s crazy but I have lost 28 pounds in five weeks without trying to lose that weight.I have never been about binge eating or dieting, but Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live plan was something that resonated with me. It is NOT a diet and definitely NOT for losing tons of weight but an anti disease eating regimen that involves eating most Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains and seeds. I also added being active 7 days a week, cut out salt, and oil as well as visualized myself lighter.

Are my results typical? Probably not. Dr. Fuhrman does say that most people lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. And also what was my why? See, that’s the thing, you need a real why. A why that will get you to move off your ass otherwise it is just a pipe dream. So my why is My father. Both my dad and grandfather died from heart disease, and I am determined not to go that way. I want to stop the cycle of dying due to preventable diseases. It seems ridiculous to me to die from something I did to myself. Now if a car hits, I am ok with that, but I am not going down without a fight!

But there is something. The time in the gym or when I am jumping rope or walking barefoot everywhere is my alone time, my processing time, the time where I feel I am working through the many thoughts in my head. So that is also my why. I don’t say any of this to brag, but I truly believe that you need a why to keep moving forward. That is the only way to seek change because you know what it’s for. So what’s your why?

Happy Monday! :0