My 44th

imagesThere is nothing like a birthday to remind me that I am no longer the young and idealistic person from high school who believed he could change the world. Instead, there is now someone who can at least change his environment. There is also nothing like that day where so many people go out of their way to express their feelings about you and truly make one feel truly special. It felt amazing to be thought of and wished by so many. It took me aback, and I struggled with the attention to be honest. It is humbling and inspiring to hear from so many, and have so many come personally to express wishes. I do not take it lightly, and it confirms for me once again that we all respond to positivity, passion and accountability.

The strange part is that I don’t feel any older, just more experienced and my heart grows bigger with the amount of love being poured into it. I admit there is a bit of nostalgia for days at UCLA, Kentucky, and the ideal that the world is for the taking, but if I was truly honest, I am filled at the brim with happiness. I keep setting bigger goals, and expecting more from  myself because what good is a life not lived?  I’ve made thousands of mistakes, and as much as I regret some of them, they each had something to teach me.

I truly wish I could thank each person and tell them that their words were not mere greetings, but an energy source. Their gifts not just material, but a reflection of their time and feelings for me. It inspires me, and encourages me to be better, do more and use their love to push me into uncomfortable areas.

44 is not just a number, it’s a testament as to lucky I am to make it to this point. And for that, I am forever grateful.


My Goals for 2016

So with the new year here, I have a lot of things I wish to accomplish and what better way to be held accountable than to post them publicly?goals-letterpress-wood-type-new-year-resolution-concept-text-vintage-blocks-against-grunge-metal-background-58041748


a) Travel with wife to new places and also try new things in SoCal

b) Organize library/garage/rooms by decluttering

c) Connect with loved ones. Call not just text!

d) Read or listen to atleast 25 books

e) Learn Spanish


a) Get down to 190-200lbs by June 2016

b) Do Pull ups/Double Unders/Touch My Toes!

c) Deadlift 400 lbs

d) Run marathon

Work Areas:

a) Legal: Sign up new clients and generate $25,000 in revenue

b) Writing: Submit 4 personal essays, 1 short story and complete novel by end of the year.  Generate $10,000 in revenue

c) Ziba Beauty: Remain a committed in-house counsel and co-owner

Community: Volunteer/donate a minimum of once a month

Financial: Be Debt Free and save 20% of my income.


a) Meditate daily

b) Memorize Japji Sahib


a) Monthly hikes

b) Date nights with the wife

c) Act like a kid