Food For Thought

Deleting Distractions

images (1)I just deleted Facebook off my phone. I go through cycles. I tell myself that I will check occasionally and I am good for a while until disasters strikes like this past weekend.  I just kept reading all the articles and the status updates. It was depressing, defeating and frankly just affirmed people’s belief in their whatever ideology they support. And it did nothing to resolve my need to understand why we do this to each other. So I deleted Facebook. Not to avoid. Not to pretend all is well, but welcome ideological silence. Don’t get me wrong, I am not deactivating my account, I am just removing the temptation to keep checking so it came off the phone. I still want to remain connected but not at the sake of addiction or feeding the section of the brain that alights like when one does Heroin. It’s funny how much more I get done when I check it from a desktop, and how much content noise goes down.

It’s not worth it to constantly scour for something that cannot be found on a site meant for easy consumption. I also got tired of the rants, and the memes and the accusations that people are being ignored. Everyone seems to pick what suits them while all the people are dead. So off it comes from my phone and it becomes one less distraction while I pray and think of all the lives lost for senseless reasons. May we all atl east do that.


Still Learning

quote-pride-makes-us-artificial-and-humility-makes-us-real-thomas-merton-126335Another exciting filled weekend filled with great friends, my beautiful wife and dog, and life lessons. Bella turned 7 this year, and it astonishes me how a 9 pound animal with four legs can bring so much joy to us. From the mornings where she hops and follows my every move till I take her to a walk to her running around like a crazed sheep in circles for a few minutes then sleep all day, Bella is one of those let’s just “well rested” animals. I am grateful for who she is though. I never thought she would provide me so many lessons on taking care of someone.

Over the weekend, I had some great friends come over. It hit me that I have known them for decades, and it brings me great joy to know that we are still in touch, still connecting, and I am still a big mouth. This is an old habit of mine where I get too comfortable, and share too much details that no one’s business. It’s a lesson I am still learning. I share too much, and even though I’d like to think my intentions are clear, there is a part of me that knows that I am being judgement. Being “holier than thou”, and it has no place in my life as I myself am deeply flawed.  Who am I to judge? (paraphrasing the Pope here). So with deep humility, I apologized. Before pride would me defensive, and all the reasons would come up why what I did was OK, but, to me, it was clear. If I hurt someone’s feelings then I need to make right. It is something that I am still learning.


The Weekend

download“How was your weekend? ” My crossfit coach asked this morning. I just smiled, and replied “Good.” A simple word, but truth be told it was way more than that. This weekend I laughed till my stomach hurt, worked out till I was sore, ate and drank too much, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I spent time with family, friends. Each night brought new ways to connect with others/ And it hit me that I live a blessed life, one that I am grateful.

It wasn’t always that way. I spent entirely too much time lamenting what I did not have when in reality I was rich beyond measure.  This weekend is the life that I wished for, but the reality is that I have these before. The difference was that I just did not see them in this light. To me, this was normal. Hanging out with family, friends, laughing, doing nothing but just hanging out at home sounded boring. Yet it has never been. I just thought that I was doing it wrong. Living life that is when all along not only was I lucky, I was given so many amazing people to meet.

So yeah, I had a good weekend, but really I had more than that.