A new year but nothing on the blog, and somehow it fits. Take a deep breath, focus, and try again. Thats the mantra. Yes, keep saying it, dream it and perhaps it can become reality. My 2 real companions reading and writing, I have abandoned you for far too long, yet it makes sense. I need to miss you so I can see what you fulfill in my life. But silences are getting longer, and more takes up space inside, and that does not fit. And its changed me in ways I am not proud, and now I see that I need you by my side constantly.

And so I fervently pound away, with the wish that in this jumble of words arises a man who finally can do what he says. And so the year begins, and this lonely stream starts flowing, perhaps to become a raging storm of overflowing verbosity or dying in the dry puddle of apathy.

But I began at least, and so here’s to you, 2009, hope you help me get where I need to be…