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Quiet Reflections

download-1The last few days were a mixed bag of gratitude, sadness and reflection on what I want from my life. It became clear to me that as we celebrate major milestones, there will be a missing space that my father filled in.  The year draws to an end, and I am determined to learn from it and create new values and lessons for my life. THe good news is that I can do it. The bad is that there will always be something lacking or unexpected happening. The keyword for me is acceptance.

Being present, acceptance, healthy in all aspects of my life are my goals for next year and my life. Because without of those, my life becomes chaotic, and a gaps come up in my relationships with loved ones. And ultimately, for me, that’s the most important thing because if you don’t have your loved ones by your side, then what do you have really?

I am beyond blessed in other aspects of my life, yet there is a constant nagging in my heart and mind that there is more I can do. Not for money or fame, but being in service to others. There are so many to connect to, and honestly the scariest part also is being vulnerable which requires baring my soul and thoughts to others as they occur. I spent too much time trying to organize them, but more than not, they end up staying buried and coming up at the worst times possible.

So practicing quiet reflection on a daily basis has become my new mantra. Wish me luck!

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Social Silence

untitled1Last few weeks, I am trying something that I have done in the past with great results, but then I go back to it. I deleted all social media apps from my fun, and the relief I felt is hard to describe.  The firehose of negativity suddenly dimmed in my social media life, and I cannot tell you how light and relieved I feel.  That’s not to say I am not going on Facebook, but since its now only desktop based, I check it in the mornings and then am done for the rest of the day. It feels like a controlled fire where it’s manageable, and I am less inclined to feel overwhelmed with the deluge of information and mindless scrolling.

The main benefit is to be stop being annoyed at those who post a lot. That negative conversation has gone from my head. I don’t know if this is avoidance or getting less attached to the phone which because now I only have Words with Friends, and can only look at it so often when there is not social media, no real distraction. The other benefit, less picking up of the phone during conversations with others,  let capturing of activities for others to see how much “fun” I am having. Less ignoring others to look at my phone.

The urge to look at the phone fades, and to interact with others increases. It is not a perfect solution, but it’s one that works for me. The lightness I feel daily is hard to explain except to say that I no longer feel I carry the burden to know everything about others or events. I get to focus on what matters to me for now.  And that’s enough.


What Do I Need a Lawyer For?: Legal Reasons #28

courage-is-the-most-important-attribute-of-a-lawyer-quote-1I get that as a question from many in a somewhat joking manner, but really the undertone is always the same. What can a lawyer do that a laymen not do?  Well, to be fair, I can see the logic in that question, but in the realm of personal injury, family and employment law, knowledge and experience play a key role in ensuring you are not taken advantage. The reality is that Insurance companies notoriously count on non-represented parties to be unaware of what they are actually owned.

In the context of family law, if you have significant assets such as a house or a partner who suddenly empties out the bank accounts before leaving, it is important to have a lawyer to ensure you are able to recover or have your interests defended.

In employment law, if you are an employer in California, it is important to have someone who can update you on the new changes in the law such as recent suitable seating law or the fact on discharge, an employee must be paid all wages due.  Most employees are not aware of the penalties due to them because of improper payment.

So while it may look to you that a lawyer may be overkill, more often  than not, it will be well worth your time to give one a call. Our offices offers free consultations, and even if it’s a small claim, you at least, may get to know if you have a claim, and its potential worth.

Food For Thought

Continual Review

quotes-about-moving-forward-0001-6One of the things I have found that works for me is continual review of my vision, goals and ideas. It is easy to set up goals, much, harder to keep at them.  I find that it takes work to ensure you can keep goals. Daily reminders, an accountability buddy and weekly reviews set me up to know what’s working and what’s not.  It is not a whining session or one where I beat myself up when I cannot get to a goal or its below than what I stated, but rather a quick look at what’s working, what’s not and why.

Saying I forgot, I found, is a sign of resistance and fixable when I look at the underlying reasons usually not setting myself to win by not having a reminder or not being prepared for unexpected things.  The other is when I continually do not get to the number I wanted i.e working out 5 days a week. There is no more beating myself up. It is what it is. The fact I got to any number is good. Reviewing continually is not continually beating myself up. There is no right or wrong. Just what is working, and what is not.

The goal is to always move forward, and for that I am truly proud of myself.

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Fitness Fairy

l2110756225-1No such thing, now get your ass out there and do something! I know I do this all the time. I fantasize I am back to 190lbs, can dead lift 500 lbs, and have a 6 pack. Yet there is never a plan present to make it happen just thought lazy, delicious thoughts that make me feel warm and fuzzy until I take off my shirt and realized that my 6 pack is buried under a mound of fat. Yet, that’s OK too. You see, while it’s good to have goals, it is not good to berate yourself or that I am not there already.

Slow and steady. Take for example, I went on a great hike with a good friend where we connected and made plans for next year to do more things like this. The bonus was I got to spend quality time with a friend! And that’s what it comes down to. No more needing a fitness fairy to give me a body I don’t need. Just a healthy lifestyle that allows me to enjoy life with limited injury and illness. This is not to say I am giving up on those goals, but that either way I am OK as long as I am working on them and doing things.

I no longer set goals that overwhelm me or make me feel less of a person. There is plenty of time and forgiveness in my goals because what’s the point if I don’t feel good about myself. To that end, this is my list for how I will end 2016. While some of these do not look like fitness, I included emotional and psychological because they make me feel good.

  1. drink 64 oz of water daily 
  2. Work out 5 days a week
  3. Drink on weekends only
  4. Get down to 205lbs
  5. Eat fruit daily
  6. Meditate daily
  7. Write 300 words daily
  8. Call to connect with 2 people weekly
  9. Date night
  10. Write weekly legal blog 
  11. Hike monthly
  12. Do one run before end of year 
  13. Try new activity before end of year.

What does your list look like?


I’m Indian, I’m dark, and I don’t care.

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aswathi thomas

I love being an Indian, truly I do. With the country’s powerful history, one of a kind culture, and to-die-for food, how could one simply not?

But behind India’s beautiful face, there is a growing disease that our society continually fails to recognize- colorism.

Colorism is a term coined by author Alice Walker, and is defined as a discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone among people of the same racial and/or ethnic group. Also know as, internalized racism.

Growing up, I’ve always had dark skin. I, personally, didn’t see anything wrong with it and heck to be honest if you ask anyone I knew back then it was no secret (with my plaid cargo shorts, above ear length hair, and buckteeth) that I gave absolutely ZERO flips about how I looked. And to be quite honest, why should I have? I had great friends, saw the glass half…

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