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In Service For Selfishness

img_0236This week I had the opportunity to get closer to one of my 2017 goals; contribute 100 hours of community service or specifically “be in service.” At first, I pictured serving the homeless regularly, but then I also sat with the idea of being in service. I opened up to the possibility of saying yes to anything that would serve others. So yesterday, I spent a few hours at the Free Whittier Store cleaning out their storage room. I loves their idea that instead of just buying new things, they encouraged community members to come get something they might need for free from them.

I also got a chance to attend the Wednesday Awakin Meditation Circle where I sat in silence for an hour and then got to connect with other like-minded individuals to discuss our AH-HA moments which for me meant that I get to say yes more often to opportunities, and when I do other things open up for me.  My mom made me aware that our gurdwara feeds the homeless every Saturday in Santa Ana through the efforts of an organization United Sikhs, and it hit me that there is always a chance to be in service when you are selfish about your vision. I get it is not for everyone, and I hesitated to post because I am not looking for congratulations, but my hope is to get others to do the same. Have a Sunday planned, use a few hours of that in a way that will make you feel like you are on the top of the world. That’s exactly how I felt this week.

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