Do You Know What You Are Worth? Legal Reasons#35

shutterstock_570748177The reality is that many employees do not review their pay stubs because of a common fallacy: trust. This is not to say employers are out to betray you, but businesses are biased towards decreasing costs, especially labor as that tends to be the largest expense.  Many employers also are not aware about premium overtime, rest break violation penalties, failure to give lunch break prior to the 5th hour and a host of other regulations. Thus, it is important for employees to periodically review their pay stubs. Also, review your job descriptions to see if you have been properly classified.

Are you being paid the same amount every paycheck (which should arrive on the 10th and the 26th as mandated by California law) even though you are an hourly employee?   Did you take your lunch, one minute later than 5 hours on a 8 hour shift? You are entitled to a one hour wage penalty?  Were you terminated over the phone and informed that the final check would be given on the next pay dates?  California requires that a final check, including reporting time pay (if you were on the schedule) be given to you at the time of termination.  It is prudent to check your pay stubs as well as know what your overtime rates should be. You never know when that information could come in handy.


What Do I Need a Lawyer For?: Legal Reasons #28

courage-is-the-most-important-attribute-of-a-lawyer-quote-1I get that as a question from many in a somewhat joking manner, but really the undertone is always the same. What can a lawyer do that a laymen not do?  Well, to be fair, I can see the logic in that question, but in the realm of personal injury, family and employment law, knowledge and experience play a key role in ensuring you are not taken advantage. The reality is that Insurance companies notoriously count on non-represented parties to be unaware of what they are actually owned.

In the context of family law, if you have significant assets such as a house or a partner who suddenly empties out the bank accounts before leaving, it is important to have a lawyer to ensure you are able to recover or have your interests defended.

In employment law, if you are an employer in California, it is important to have someone who can update you on the new changes in the law such as recent suitable seating law or the fact on discharge, an employee must be paid all wages due.  Most employees are not aware of the penalties due to them because of improper payment.

So while it may look to you that a lawyer may be overkill, more often  than not, it will be well worth your time to give one a call. Our offices offers free consultations, and even if it’s a small claim, you at least, may get to know if you have a claim, and its potential worth.