Welcome to GiveLocally (a GREAT idea!)

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Hi there,

Congratulations and thanks for joining GiveLocally.

Without bureaucracy, GiveLocally efficiently and rapidly impacts those
in need. GiveLocally carefully screens all Recipients. You can directly
track how your Gives impact the lives of the Recipients that you choose.
It’s the simple, fast way to make a direct and meaningful impact.

Getting started is easy:

1. Take a look around. We make it easy and fun to give to local
Recipients you care about.

2. Tell us what you are passionate about and suggest new Recipients for
us to feature.

3. GiveLocally connects you with people and opportunities to make a
direct impact in your local community, now.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us at: 1-888-315-2592

Click here to get started now:

The GiveLocally Team

PS. We love feedback so feel free to contact us at:

Learn more about GiveLocally, share with your friends, give us feedback,
or contact us with any questions here:


Take Action: HR 5600, the Employee Educational Assistance Act of 2010

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Subject: Take Action: HR 5600, the Employee Educational Assistance Act of 2010

Dear Sanjay, we need your help!


Federal Legislative Action Alert