Hello everyone!

As most of you hopefully already know, I will be performing with a fellow dance company member, Anjali Nath, on Sunday, October 11th at the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles. We’ll be doing some duet segments and some solo. This is an intimate theater with a capacity of about 70 – which is a great way to see Kathak dance performed with its technique of rapid footwork and pirouettes, the expressive elements of storytelling, the beauty, the grace, and of course the improvisation at the heart of it all. The performance will have live musical accompaniment.

The ticket price for this event is $35, BUT…for my friends and family, they are offering a group discount of 30% off which would bring the price to just $24.50. I know that finances are tight for many these days, so we pushed to get them to extend this offer. In order to take advantage of this price, we must book these tickets as a group in advance. If this is of interest of to you, and you’re able to attend that evening, please email me at and let me know how many tickets you would like. I will need to know no later than Monday, October 5th. We can coordinate how to collect the payment from you at that time.

I’m looking forward to not only sharing this dynamic tradition with you, but also hoping to leave you inspired to continue to do the things you feel so passionate about in your lives!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Sanjay Sabarwal, Esq.

General Counsel

Ziba Beauty

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It doesnt take much to change a moment or even an issue in your life.   It just comes down to as how you wish to see it or deal with it.   I have spent far too long wishing and imagining opportunities where all that really needed to happen was making it happen.  This isnt a new problem, hell its not even a very original one.  But it jars especially when I have gone through life thinking I was special/unique/destined for greater things.  And yet, my life is mundane of sorts.   But when I think about it, I wouldnt have it any other way.  Culd things be better?  Ofcourse! Are there things that are missing in my life? Absolutely!  And it goes on and on.

And then I glance out my house and really take stock of my life, and I know that I truly lucky and blessed.  That instead of focusing on the things I wish I had, or could have done. I am a satisfied soul.    Now some would say that I am too content, and I would agree in some aspects in my life, and there ar others who think that I accepted an easy life.  And they are right.  And then the ones who truly know me say that I filled my soul with wishes, and am just waiting for something to make them come true.  And then it hit me.  I am better off as a character in a comic book for all the make believe things I wish to accomplish. 

No more.  Its time to make the life I want rather than wait for it.  Its time to to DO rathen than HOPE. 

And so wishful Sanjay is taking steps to make his life more real.  I finally signed up 2 writing courses and 1 in my field, and I cant explain the satisfaction I felt in seeing myself admit myself into thoses classes.  And so the writing begins instead of making wishes, I will be remaking my life…


Performing in LA on October 11th

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Hope you can make it!!

Farah Yasmeen Shaikh

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