Dearest Papa

Five years. It’s been five years since I heard your laughter or seen your smile or the way you cut fruit to hand out or how you grew you gardened or we discussed yet again why I wasn’t practicing law, or watching you tease mom or make funny noises, anything and everything to make those around you laugh.

It never occurred to me how working with you at Ziba Music would stay with me for the rest of my life, you managed to teach me so much even though I resisted fiercely, convinced my way was better when all along I now manage to emulate you in so many ways. So much time wasted in being right when just being present was enough.

So many times we speak of you and it’s just with longing or laughter or remembering the way you made us all feel. You filled the home with so much of yourself, left so many things for us to remember you for and about, and even now its hard to believe its has been 5 years since we last spoke, hugged or I called you Padre.

Yet with time the sadness dulls, but the fondness grows. The time doesn’t heal. but it makes it clear of how much you touched all of us. The grief comes out in random ways, yet it does not suffocate like it used to. We continue sharing stories, and keeping you alive in our own ways, and at the end of the day, that’s all matters.

Love you Padre. Love you Papa. Miss you more more than words could ever say.


Vibing with Diljit, Friends and Family

And the streak continues, but first a look back to a long time. It’s been a while since I got excited about a new bhangra album. It reminded me of the days when it felt like I broke new music for my customers at Ziba Music, influenced up and coming DJS, just spread the word as best I could as a event promoter and all around music label wannabe. And then comes Moon Child Era by Diljit Dosanjh, not even a a year after his previous hit album G.O.A.T, and right off the bat I fell in love with Luna, Vibe, Void and Lover. It hit me how much good music moves me, changes the rhythm inside me, makes me feel alive and shout out to the world so LISTEN. TO. THIS.NOW.

It feels the holes of me wondering of when I got left behind in desi music, when I became the crudgmeon who says Sidhu Moose Wala is not real Bhangra music and then take that back as his music becomes something I listen to, and I get that I am no longer than young punk who thought who knew it all about desi music and MY genre of South Asian music. And so shift back and forth like the turntables of a DJ (do they even have that anymore), changing, remixing, mashing up and finally accepting that there are songs out there not my taste but the trend of the people, but I still get some of them once in a while like Diljit.

So making that the soundtrack for the week, I managed yet one to celebrate an old mentee, remince with older friends about the desi scene we knew, then went and spent time networking with my BNI Group and finally got some quality time with someone I have knowns for 25 plus years, ending the weekend celebrating a dear friend from Crossfit and ending is huge high note of being with niece Zara while she awaited the arrival of her baby brother who came today.

And so I end this post with shukar, shukar, shukar and I can’t wait to find out what this week holds for me!


Another Splashy Weekend

Recently, I have begun to love doing my blogs the day after the weekend as it gives me a chance to ruminate on the week and yet again be amazed for our blessings even among sadness. Its been five years since Papa left and no amount of smiles and laughter can cover that fact up, but it can muffle it, make it seem that there is life after the departure of a loved one, time to celebrate other milestones, to grab dinner with old friends, some so much younger than me when I met them and now grown men with children.

It gives me so much wonder to see so many things occur in just one week, but more than anything else, it is realizing that moments and events keep occuring, and if we do not take the time to acknowledge them, they pass unnoticed through the mists of time, lost to memories that might get sparked randomly.

Rather than that happening, I see it better to greet it, to memorialize it, to thank the people in my life over and over because too often it easy to just mourn the losses, to continually grieve, to only notice the bad in ones life, to just feel alone when really we are alone with our thoughts that we can share with someone, anyone, if we would just open up.

So heres to another week passing, to celebrating, to grieving, to laughing, to worrying, to being with loved ones and sometimes alone but not lonely. I can’t wait to see what the new week will bring!


Happy Birthday Preeti!

Today is my wife’s birthday and there is so much I have to say about someone who inspires me so much. It is a pleasure to wake up and see her beautiful face, to watch her embrace her niece or give me a tight hug or her hear reminisce about Papa or watch her hang out with my mom and sisters, sharing so much of herself with ease, jumping in daughter mode when needed, helping out her mom, hugging her dad, spending time with her sister in laws, and friends, and just doing it all not out of obligation but who she is.

It is inspiring to be around someone who has suffered so much in her young life yet people who meet her have no idea. I cannot complain when she gives up her time and energy in a heartbeat for not just her family but mine and has made it so I cannot say hers and my family. Through her love and personality, she has fused so many people into my life and made it bigger, grander, fuller and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She has pushed me to grow, to be a better version of myself, allowed me space to deal with my demons and continually surprises me with her attitude and love. She gets better and younger looking each year and I envy the fact that she still gets carded. But more than anything else I am truly grateful that we get to be together through the tough times and the better ones, that we get to support each other when something heavy happens or when we are celebrating together. Occasions have more meaning for me when she is around, a constant reminder that one is not defined by disease or birth or family, but by their attitude, capacity to love, to forgive and to keep paying it forward.

Happy Birthday Babu!!