Patient Shit

What is it about people that spout cliches?  Are they being clever?  Or are they so dumb that the only think of doing is say something that isnt worth the toilet paper that its printed on.  “Patience is a Virtue.” OK.  Thanks for solving my entire life with a statement said a trillion times.  Glad to know that 4 words provide meaning to my existence, and are my salvation.  Is it any wonder more of us dont kill ourselve when some genius advises us with something that they didnt even come up with.  I mean, talk about the height of laziness.  I so dont want to help you that let me just dribble out shit that can flush your problems away.  And no, you dont have to thank me.  I am here to help.

This is not a new path for me.  Each time I think I have met someone intelligent, out pops out the bullshit bible.  What is it about listening that people find painful?  Fine, you dont want to hear my crap, say so, dont cover my shit with a smellier blanket of crap and hope I dont notice.  I can see it!  I am living it, asshole.  Its right there.  I am breathing it infact, and what you just did now just makes me dive headfirst onto an oncoming car. 

OK, maybe the anger is a bit misplaced.  I am overeacting.  I just told you that I am lost and my life no longer has meaning. So its fair that you comfort me with “Patience is a Virtue.”  Thanks, now I dont have to take my Zanax tonight, knowing that I got GOD words that will guide my days to the end of life.  I really cant wait to save your ass next time when you tell me your wife/father/mother/life is dying with the wisdom of many: Patience is a Virtue.


What’s to write

Is there a topic left to cover?  Can anything original ever be said anymore? Even that question appears to be a cliche.  File it under life/pretentious/ignorant/I.  But perhaps the voice isnt for you, its for me.  Maybe if I put my prints here, then I can become real.  Ugh.  File that under self-involved/desperate/pathetic.  Should have stuck to the Hello world Word press offered, it is more entertainment than my whiny words. 

 There were other incarnations of me before, and they are best buried.  Perhaps this is the new me, more likely its just me writing to myself, trying to convince me that I truly do exist.  Oh, the trouble with insecurity, its a whore that is never satisfied.  I am a word slut.  Didnt take much time for sex to peep its big head in, did it? You never know, it might move me 1/8 inch up on Google right past pig shit fucking.  Oh wait, thats probably huge in some county.  I think I have an edge on  Yes! One site at a time, I will get there, you will find me on a 1000th page under the keyword: Dumbshit.

 Ok, self absorption covered: check.  Whining vomitted: check.  Gratuitous cursing: Check.  Unoriginal: double check!