Life Events

This past week I got a chance to participate in my first pandemic influenced wedding, and to call it strange would be a huge understatement. But you know what didn’t change? The love, the laughter, the crying, the stress of being on time, all the things that take place during multiple occasions.

And then just like that, it’s over and a certain sadness looms in the rooms when just hours early so much joy was shared. And then there I got some news about a beautiful soul transitioning from this planet. At first, a small numbness and then memories flooded in about someone who has been around all my life and even longer.

I found it interesting that while one person begins a new journey as a husband, another is reaching their time here. Both events caused pain, joy , sorrow, but most of all a appreciation of being to experience them at all. Sometimes words can’t make up for what’s inside me so I choose to just feel.