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Know Your Rights: Legal Reasons #42

With the advent of a new administration, there has been increasing tension from certain sectors of the population who are not naturalized or U.S citizens. I have fielded numerous panicked calls from students, tourists and in process applicants who are afraid of being accosted by authorities. Here are some things one should be aware of in the following situations: Rights-No-Matter-Who-Is-Pres-2016-11-10, also if its work related then know this: Work, and if you are in public, then this: Public.

Regardless of your status, know that you have rights and use your common sense in answering or not answering questions. You can always choose to remain silent and ask if you are being detained or if there is a warrant. Remember, stay calm. And know there is always help out there.

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Tasks Versus Goals

In just a few days, March ends. We are 1/4 of the way done with 2017. That boggles my mind. Each month,  I take a few minutes to take stock of the month with the same question: am I living a life worth living?  The answer for this year so far has been a resounding yes. Are there challenges? Failures? Missed opportunities?  Of course, to say otherwise assumes that I am done learning, pushing myself and ensuring I am present for others. There is the constant urge to keep moving, to do more, be of service to others, but there are times I also know that I can get more task oriented rather than goal focused.

Last week, after speaking to my accountability buddy, it occurred to me while its fine to get through my to do list, I get to focus on what my vision is. It is not about lists or tasks, but creating a life that matters and makes the world better than when I came into it. It is that drive that gets me to be up before 6am most mornings because the excuses of “not enough time” no longer works if I truly want change.


You Want To Charge Me For What???!! Legal Reasons #41

I admit it. Telling potential clients by starting retainer often causes sticker shock for someone as most of the time people assume a smaller number or assume they will be billed hourly. The reality is that once matters get to an attorney, a lot of information and procedures come into play.

“But it’s just a simple matter. You just have to read a page,” The reality is that we have to follow a set of ethics. I am not a proof reader. Each line has to be read and understood what the long-term effects or consequences could be. It is never as simple as just reading a document, but evaluation for the client the potential risks, conflicts and omissions. So while some can think they are being overcharged, the reality is that they are buying peace of mind and security.

What is your value for those?

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Spring Forward

A New Week, three weeks into March and Nowrooz (Iranian New Year) is today. Spring is here, and it’s amazing to think that we are three months into 2017. So where are you with your goals? Are New Year’s resolutions in the background or are you they pushing you forward?  For me, I am on track but then I came to a pause.

It’s been a surreal weekend as I reflect upon how much love my dad invited into  his life and others, and how so many reflected that on Friday. Over the weekend, it hit me that life is not just a series of things to do, but to actually enjoy. I am blessed that I have varied interests, but I am my dad’s son who was happiest when surrounded by others sharing the same passion.

So today, I spring forward into passion and living life not a to-do list. Today, I work on living a life that means more than just being busy but one with connection and joy. Today, I use Monday not as a way to repeat the week before but create new experiences that come readily to mind rather than wonder what the hell I did so far in 2017. So that’s where I am headed? What are you springing forward to?S

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Sue My Own Car Insurance Company?!! Are You For Real???: Legal Reasons #40

I often hear about people who get hit by uninsured or underinsured drivers, and are happy to receive any type of settlement. Many are not aware that their own insurance company is in the business of making money not ensuring their clients are made whole. So while it’s idea that the liable party pay for everything, there is a chance they only have liability insurance, or worse, no insurance. All is not lost!

In those instances, it would be foolish not to consider your insurance company for compensation especially where there is significant injury and monetary lose due to inability to work. Always get a free consultation from an attorney regarding your matter.  At a minimum, you will be better informed, and perhaps even see there are more options than you had considered.

At a minimum, always get a police report done so whoever the irresponsible party is, they are cited and are held responsible.

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Friday, we will celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday. To say I have mixed feelings is a huge understatement. When I think about it, I got so much time with Papa, yet I cannot help the regret deep inside me of the wasted opportunities. There are so many I wish to spend committed time, yet I don’t manage to create the opportunities to make them happen. It is easy to fall into the trap of busyness, but really its the realization that living a life of legacy requires sacrifices. Based on some loose math, I believe that like Papa, I only have 35 years left.

Do I want to waste that time in regret, or action? Yet that also means there are times I am not with loved ones. My failure was not that I didn’t get more time with him. It was that I didn’t tell him more how much I loved him. So this birthday we get to that. I am blessed to have had his for so longer when there are others who got much less or none at all. However empathetic I wish to be, I cannot help missing him and wondering what if. It’s an emotional game with little pay off.

Thinking back, Papa lived a life of legacy. His upcoming birthday where so many will be generously donating their talent to honor him reminds me of that. It is what keeps me going. That while there are many who will not understand or accept my desire to do more than just work, it does not take away my desire to be a better person. Just like Papa.

Happy Birthday Papa. Sanjay Loves You.