So Why The Law Now? Legal Reasons #50

“What made you want to practice law now?” My mentor asked me recently. Except it wasn’t really the right question. The question needed to be “What made me want to take private clients?”  As in-house counsel for my company Ziba Beauty, I have been blessed to have only one client, yet there was  part of me that wanted to do more than that. I truly wanted to be in service to others. It hit me that there were many who could be helped with my license rather than just one entity so, almost two years ago, I began taking on private clients.

It’s been an amazing journey. From wondering “who would really come to me” to “oh wow, I am glad I brought in my best friend to help with the load,” I feel that when the desire, learning, and trust are there, clients do come. It is a great feeling that I am able to help people with solutions that make a difference in their live. That’s not to say that they get the resolution they want, however they do get certainty for the future. And that’s why I took this on: to provide clarity where often there is none.

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Being in Integrity

It is always easy to say I will do better, to make promises, to blame yourself for not getting to things or continue to act in ways not best for you.  I know far too many (including myself) who make plans, but then fail to set themselves to win. It is easy to make resolutions, to swear to lose weight, eat healthier, to head to the gym, or tell yourself to lose dozens of pounds. Yet more often than not, besides words, there are not steps on how to get there. I am the first to admit that I do not set myself up to win when I just declare things without really sitting with my why and how. I look at certain weekly tasks repeated over and over which sit on my planner week over week with nothing done about.

One task in particular grates at me. Doing a desi music podcast. I have the name, the songs for the first two shows done, but no other action. But time after time, I always manage to “forget” this to do item. It haunts me because if anyone that knows me, knows that I like to stay in integrity with my word. So what’s the hold up?  Fear. I am afraid that some will find my voice my grating, others my song selection, and worse of all, indifference. What is the point of creating if there is no one there to experience?  Yet week after week, it’s on my to do list, but I do feel something coming up inside me to put it on my list. I still research, I still look for songs, and then I realize I am setting myself to win by learning and getting to the how. I already know the why: honor my father. So one day, there will be a podcast. If no other reason than because I will be in integrity.


Communication is Key! Legal Reasons #49

Today, I got the chance to go to a networking event where a lawyer explained the elements of a lawsuit. What he really honed in on, and I agreed with immediately is that communication is key when deciding to sue someone. A lawsuit should be the last resort in a disagreement that has caused monetary, physical or emotional loss. Many do not realize that even if attorneys cut their hourly rates or did the work pro bono, court courts could still be in the thousands of dollars in fees, bonds, and filings. Not too much the time.  It is easy to say “see you in court.” Yet there is more to that.

You better be right, and even if you are, the reality is that sometimes you won’t still wont recover what you lost or nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong. This is not to suggest to not seek legal help, however, it is not appropriate for all matters. Which is why communication is key. Only when communication has completely broken down should one consider taking it to the courts. Trust me, you don’t want to spend thousands of hours and dollars to be proven wrong especially if all it would have taken was a clear head and communication!

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A New Week With Purpose

The buzz of the new week is here. Each Monday is a way to get back to the goals set for the month and year. In this morning quiet, I sit and reflect, missing my dad, but also determined to honor him in the way he saw the potential in me. Warm memories of yesterday’s Mother’s Day still course through me as ,even in the midst of it, we not only celebrated our mothers, but our family bond. I marveled at how I’d seen so many of the kids grow up on front of me, and now they were funny, honorable adults who still liked being around each other.

It was also the first of many events to come without my dad. A deep sadness exudes, but also unending gratitude for the time I had with him. Then there is the foundation in my family. My mom. I mean I am not sure there is a way to express what she means to me and to us. Yet that is not good a reason to not still try. So I do even when I feel that is so much more I could do.

So a new week. A reflection in gratitude for what I have, but also now looking forward and assessing if I will do things this week that scare the crap out of me. After all, what is the point if I live the same life daily? I admit that only days like yesterday empower me to days like today where I feel emotionally nourished and safe. Only when I am grounded in knowing what I have will I push myself to be worthy of that love and care.

So I begin this new week with purpose, my heart settled and my love deepened.


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Fear of Being Sued: Legal Reasons #48

It is always scary to get a formal email or piece of mail that announces some kind of legal incident. The scariest: a summons.  Then there is always the attorney letter with “LAW OFFICES” usually on the stationary that tells you have violated something or the other. I admit, even as an attorney, I get nervous when I receive something like this that I am not expecting. That fact is no one truly enjoys being caught up in a legal battle that will cost time or money or worse, both.

Yet many still choose to either ignore the matter or not get guidance for an attorney.  I always tell people the initial call is free.  Make the call so you know what you are in for. There are times where the matter is not significant yet will become worse if the person does nothing. I practice law to help others. I get that many worry about costs, or feeling overwhelmed. It is at those times money should not be the factor stopping you if it’s a matter that could harm you in a significant way. Like they say “penny wise, pound foolish” is not the way to go for a lawsuit.

Give someone a call. It may be the best thing you do for a legal issue.


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Quick Getaway

One of my monthly goals has been to do one getaway each month. The point is to explore, relax, rejuvenate, reconnects, but more than anything else be an interruption to my  daily habits before they become chores and not something that I aspire to. I also don’t want my daily talks to become mindless to do tasks to mark off. I have to tell you, it’s not easy sometimes to check in and ground myself on why is it that I am doing something. So getaways are a way to break up that rhythm, and reconnect with my “why.”

So on a glorious friday afternoon in Vegas, I floated on my back looking upwards at the blue sky, just being. Letting it go, the water drowning out all the noise of the day, allowing me to take it in and know that where I was, was perfect. It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting things done, but if I don’t do getaways what is the point?  I mean, what is living if we don’t enjoy our days?

The past few weeks,  both my jobs have revved up, and I realize that I don’t build in some time off, I will burn out. I love what I am doing, but my vision requires me to be present in all areas of my life not just work. So this weekend ended up being one of discovery, relaxation, reconnection and most of all, a reminder as to why I push myself so hard to be the best version of myself.