Baby Shower

This past weekend became a tumultuous mix of love, surprise, gratitude, friends and family. From an amazing surprise from Preeti’s cousins from Mississippi to late nights of catching up, learning and just spending connected time together. Then the baby shower itself. My oldest sister showed her the love the best way possible, by pretty much ensuring we had nothing to worry about and just showing up to be showered with love and gratitude for our next steps, and of course my other sister in the background ensuring everything went smoothly.

With Baby boy fast coming along, this weekend turned out to be a perfect reminder of what’s in store for us with the outpouring of love and affection. Of course we remembered Papa and my Baby maasi because they would have been front and center, and so it became another reminder of the missing but remember, and a tinge of sadness suffused the shower but just for a moment, but my sisters mom, cousins, in laws, friends and family all gathered to let us know yet again that we wil never be alone, will always be supported, and for once, my anxiety dimmed.

One of the unique things for our event was the sheer amount of my guy friends who showed up and stayed for the entire thing as if to let me know that they got me. It was amazing to see a dear friend drive down from San Francisco to attend as well as other friends I have known for decades. Also, my crossfit crew, who once were just people I met at the gym have now firmly established themselves as dear friends in both mine and Preeti lives, and I couldn’t be happier.

My cheeks ache from smiling so wide, not from force for the picture taking but the sheer joy for our rapidly approaching new future. I know there are so many behind us to make sure we don’t fail or fall. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Happy Monday!

1 thought on “Baby Shower”

  1. So very excited for you both during this next season of marriage/life. Children are such a blessing and truly life changing as you will experience the deepest and purest love possible.


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