First Wedding Occasion

One of the joys with Zyan are the many firsts that are sure to come. This past weekend marked his first attendance at a wedding function albeit it being the prayers. Appropriate, considering how blessed we feel to have him in our lives. Of course, his presence made multiple faces light up, and I hope he continues to be a joyful presence amongst loved ones.

As an obsessed parent, I cannot help smiling along with him when he shows his gums and his open smile. I cannot help feeling proud that my son shows love to all those that shower it on him. His mood can change when tiredness overwhelms from all the activity, but he hangs for as long as he can. Each day, he grows into his own person and although I recognize he is only 4 months old, he is beginning to show his own personality. He soothes himself to bed (mostly), and he is ready to greet anyone who greets him (until he isn’t). This wedding occasion established a new routine of so many new people who got to see him for the first time, and while I had to mightily resist the urge on how to hold him, he mostly stayed in the arms of the ones who held on tight, protecting him from too much hopping around.

A wedding also means a change in routine. One of things that hit me hard that there are no days off with a child (well duh!) which means weekends and days off don’t mean much. This makes routine all the more important for a baby as too much disruption in his day means a rough night (mostly for my wife), and so it will be interesting to see how we manage this. The reality is that we will not always get the schedule we want or need with him if we are to have a social life.

What helps is talking about it, and going over scenarios. Again, all new for us as we can no longer just pick up and go. It means communicating clearly, knowing our calendars, but most of all hearing what the other needs, including Zyan. So lets see how Zyan’s first wedding goes.

Happy Monday!


The New Santa

One of the amazing things about my son is the amount of joy he brings out in so many just by his appearance. The way the faces light up, or the way there is a momentary struggle to get him into their arms, it is truly a blessing to see the joy he creates. He is the new Santa that carries joy, spreading it with his easy smile, his infectious cooing, or just looking into his still changing eye colors. I know I am obsessed with him already, but to see the same reaction in others just makes my heart full of love and gratitude.

Even when not in the room, my wife and I talk about him longingly as we haven’t seen him in ages. For me, one of the best parts is to see my wife play with him, and the sheer laughter they share as they entertain each other. It’s something I don’t get tired of watching. And then I have my own time in the morning when he opens his eyes, and a smile lights up the face and my heart. He gifts me endlessly with wide open eyes, but the best part is him talking to me as if to say I got you Papa. I am here, and I will make you the best version of yourself.

This weekend allowed Zyan to spread so much cheer as he met so many who just plain adored him. Not only was he accommodating with being held by so many hands, but he gave out smiles and coos out like free candy on Halloween. We marveled at how well he handled multiple transitions without so much as a whimper or need to be with us constantly. He rode around in the car for over an hour to meet even more people and then let them feed and change him. Again, with very little complaint. One of my cousins even told me that he was the first to make feel joy in months since a loved one passed in her family. My heart grew two sizes more after hearing that.

At 4 months old, he not only has transformed us, but others near him who love him at sight. His presence now means love, joy and time well spent. Each day I begin now with gratitude for this precious gift. Two women made it happen. One who started the process, and one who delivered.

Watch out Claus, there is a new Santa in town.


A Moment

Today’s Headspace Meditation point spoke about being grateful for the little things, from running hot water, to clothes to wear or something you desired before and now have. In that moment, I looked down to the stroller as I walked my son and dog. The sun wasn’t shining, but the warmth of his smile was more than enough to fill my world. The moment felt complete, something to hold on to forever. Years ago, this is something I could never even fathom. Don’t get me wrong, I love being uncle to so so many nephews and nieces, but this is just something else.

What makes it even better is to be able to share him with so many of them. He is now the littlest cousin, already doted on by so many, loved intensely by dozens, and it is just the beginning. And so I took in the moment, and another and another and what was supposed to be a quick stroll became a love walk. One filled with gratitude for my wife for really pushing for it, for making the big decision, for giving us this light that I didnt realize needed to shine in our lives. But she knew. Somehow she manifested it, and now we can say we are parents.

And that was another moment. To give thanks to the one that made it possible. For that, I will be forever be grateful. And in this time, I wish I had more than words to give her, and it hit me that I do. I get to not to just say I am grateful or that I love her, but to show her, to make her feel seen. And so a simple moment turns into a lifetime of counting our blessings.

And then I kept pushing my son along on his path along with our fur baby Bella.

Happy Monday


A New Monday

The sun slowly lights up my backyard, the melody of Taren Kaur’s Guru Lullaby fills the room, and I sit looking at my son sleep peaceful with a bit amount of incredulity. This is a morning routine I have come to cherish, including sending good morning videos to the family because of course when he first wakes, its with glorious smiles and laughter.

As Zyan rapidly approaches 4 months, a routine of sorts has set in, one fills up my days with wonder, joy, and some concern when we cannot calm him (even though its not for very long). The other aspect that has also grown is working remotely not only has allowed me to be home to support my wife and Zyan, it has opened up another avenue: the 1pm Crossfit class. At first, it seemed to strange to me that there was even a class at that time, but after going regularly (well 3 times a week for me), it hit me how much more productive I am with a break that includes exercise. It appears others at my gym feel the same way because regularly there are 8-10 people. My only regret is that I can no longer go to my old Crossfit box as it is simply too far.

Joining a new box can always be a bit intimidating, part of it is my own self-consciousness since I havent worked out seriously in a year, am still lacking strength in my right shoulder, still cant pull ups or double unders. But as I continue to go, the faces soften with recognition, the coaches encourage me with tips to better my strength and technique. So a new routine came out due to Zyan, but one that allows me to be a better version of myself.

Sure, there is work to be done. Things to be figured out. People to make up to. Relationships to rebuild. Create a better network, but in this New Monday, I can see all of that happening if I continue on this path.

Happy Monday all!