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Personal Freedom

Today, my leadership call included the prompt  “What does Personal Freedom look like to you?” The question immediately brought to mind that when I stick to my personal routines and am able to do the things that bring me joy, I can be of service to others. When I get too involved in a task list, and move away from my daily morning rituals, I feel imprisoned and unhappy.

Yet it is also a balance. I also get to be present and be in acceptance when there are changes in life. For example, I recently had an employee quit mid-shift and instead of focusing on how unfair it was, it turned into an excellent opportunity for me to learn our new Point of Sale program. When I forget that Personal Freedom means aligning with my personal vision for growth, what feels like a burden becomes a reason to continue on that path.

It takes continual check-in’s to ensure that I am not doing things just for the sake of doing them, but that they align with my personal values.  For me, Personal Freedom looks like responsibility, Integrity, and Passion. It also means that I get to make a habit of knowing my why. It is easy to get lost in the busyness of life and others. It means to know the instead of filling my time with things to do, it should be things to go with my vision.

What does Personal Freedom look like to you? Happy Monday!

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There is Always A Choice

The more I fight the notion that I have no choice, the more it hits me that besides breathing, eating, and drinking water, everything else is a choice. It sucks. It’s so much easier to blame others, or events than take responsibility for my emotions. It is exhausting to step up and say yea x or y happened, but how I respond to it always comes down to me. It is easy to point fingers at others, and think or say that what they said or did caused me x or y emotion, but ALWAYS it comes back to me that it’s MY choice to respond that way. Every. Single. Time.

So I take time today to reflect on my choices, and really dive in, is what I am thinking or doing really serving me? It is not an easy thing. I struggle to dampen my emotions, yet I also know that if I continue on this path of feeling sorry or powerless, it will not only make life harder, it disconnects me from my loved ones. I keep forgetting that when I am not my genuine self either to myself or to others, I cheat myself and them of the opportunity to grow from those interactions.

Yet it is not easy. I struggle daily to not take it personal. To not be in judgement or resentment or really any emotion that does not reflect my responsibility in it. And so I begin all over again. A new Monday, to be in responsibility, respect and non judgement. Wish me luck.

Happy Monday!

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New Month/Week

It’s hard to believe I am in the ninth month of 2018. Every month is a chance to take a look at my goals for the year. Yet more and more, some goals I see were really just wishes as I made no real attempt to make them part of my life. For example, repeatedly writing that I want to be able to do a pull up or a double under, yet not spending any meaningful doing the accessory work to get better at those movements means I still not able to do those things.

Saying I am a writer, but really writing when whimsy strikes led to not much writing from me. And it goes on and on. Yet it hits me that I have made progress in so many other areas. From getting stronger to steady clients for the law practice and making a concerted effort to spend time with people I care about.

It’s easy to list a bunch of goals and projects, and if quantity is the game then I can fill up page after page with a to do list, yet more and more I realize that it takes serious contemplation on what really are true goals and why. What am I willing to do or sacrifice to make those goals happen? And then I also get to take a hard look at the things I am spending my energy on. Are they giving me the return I am expecting or is my ego and pride so important to me that I continue doing things that give me no real value except that I am doing them.

It’s not an easy road to take when you break down passion into to do items, but then again if it just stays as a dream then is it really a passion or just me selling myself a delusional sale of goods?

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We Get To

Today at my gym, my coach reminded us that we don’t have to but we “get to do” things. Life is a privilege especially for those of us blessed with so much in our lives. It became a great reminder for the beginning of this week.Gratitude gets us so much further in life than feeling victimized and feeling sorry for one self. It’s easy to make everything into a chore than the privilege it is for so many of us.

So today, I begin this week with gratitude and the acknowledge that I get to do so much while others cannot or won’t. It’s always a choice.

What’s yours?

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Back to Basics

It can be difficult to take self analyze certain emotional situations especially when dealing with loved ones. More and more I realize that I am blessed to be surrounded by so many who love me and who I love in return.

I see that when I forget the basics of connection, seeking or offering support, or making time to things that bring joy, I feel a certain emptiness, a guilt that somehow life is passing me by.

And then there are confirmations in a way you don’t want to happen, and it becomes clear that taking intimacy, and loved ones for granted is a recipe for feeling disconnected and alone. And so it is with the law. Each time I get a new client, it is a reminder that if people had taken care of the basics, they would not need my services.

So I use today to remind myself and others to be kind, be patient, be loving, reach out to others, stop feeling sorry for yourself, but most of all remain open to the possibility of what life offers up. It’s usually not pretty, but it ends up providing lesson that you need even when you don’t want them.

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Monday Starts

There are some Mondays when I am raring to go, and others when I want to snooze the alarm until it gives up. There are Mondays I am out of the bed way before the alarm, and other Mondays when the its gentle chimes racks me immediate tension and anxiety. Each Monday a new choice on how the week, month, year should go. Every Monday a chance to pick up where I left things, dump them or start new things on my to-do list.

The Mondays keep coming, and I have to decide how I will take the day, and my life. The last few Mondays came as a struggle, and it hit me that with 6 months of 2018 complete, am I on the path I envisioned for myself? Are the goals I set half way done? This type of assessment came from my LP group last week when the prompt asked us to see how we were going on 2018 goals. Lots of excuses and reasons came up for why I was not halfway done or even started on some goals. And I felt defensive, and self-pity for myself. Life just wasn’t fair and just for a moment that pity fit snugly onto me, but then it hit me. Suck. It. Up

Each transformational podcast or book I take on talks about personal responsibility. Sadhguru says that we have a choice each time on how to feel. People or things don’t make us feel, its how we choose to see things. Back to me it comes back. Always.

So Monday is here again, and I have a choice on whether I make excuses or I take personal responsibility. And so I accept my choice of making things happen.

How about you?