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On Being Selfish

This weekend was a bit rough as my a lot of family gathered to celebrate my uncle’s 80th birthday. I am truly blessed to have a loving family that I get to share so much with, but I chose not to attend. I chose instead to use the weekend to work on a seminar and a personal essay.

On the surface, it appears shallow and career driven, yet really it was about self-care.  I have said for years that I wish to be in private practice and do more writing. This week, I get to do a presentation on business law, and I will be submitting my personal essay to my Writers Critique group .  It was one of the most satisfying weekends I could think of in terms of personal goals. I got to visit friends, family friends, personal care, but more than anything else I got to make my vision a reality. I put measurable steps forward towards being a business lawyer and a writer.

It hit me that sometimes it is important to take care part in self-care that appears selfish at the outset, but it fills you and makes you feel whole, and proud that for once instead of words, I put myself into action rather than just vision.

Self care is not selfishness. It is energy that restores me, and allows me to be the best version of myself.

Happy Monday!

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