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New Beginnings

It’s always great to witness a loved one experience a new beginning/chapter in their lives. Part of me wants to coach them, tell them all will be okay, give them tips, what to do, what to avoid, so much comes up. Yet the best thing is silence because they are in their experience. That’s a lesson I constantly struggle with. The need to tell others what to do. Sure, it makes sense in a legal sense when I am being hired, but unsolicited advice? Not so much.

I realize that so much of my stuff happened because I had support. There’s a big difference in knowing you have others to rely on and being told how to do. Some coaching works in athletics, but in life, I know that what got me moving forward into new beginnings was the belief and loves of those around me.

I have been truly blessed in the mentors, coaches, parents, wife, friends, family that allow me to dive into the unknown in different areas in my life. But only do I get to see how difficult it is to hold back when someone is doing something you have done, and you think you know better. What worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for them. Now if I am asked, I can offer words, but really jumping in and telling someone how to behave and act is not only not being fair to them, but taking away from their power.

So I end this with blessings, and being available, to not be overbearing, but just present.

Happy Monday

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