The Weekend

One of the joys of Zyan has been the sheer amount of people he has already interacted with, and how wins them over with his ready smile and contagious laughter. This past weekend we finally got a chance to spend some time with dear friends, one of which I have known for over 2 decades. It is truly amazing to see him boys grow up, see him be a great father, cook, and all around amazing friend. I don’t recall a time when we have not had a good time even when its just the two of us sitting around, and chatting all the things about being a man. He has taught me so much about fatherhood, and I hope I am able to match his consistency in te way he gave so much of himself to his boys.

I already know I can count on him for sports advice as he not only taken the boys but coached their teams. There is a definitely sense of security knowing that I can pick up the phone and ask him anything no matter how basic or silly. The lack of shame is a great foundation to becoming a great father. Even now, I have begun taking a pre-algebra class to refresh and relearn all I don’t remember or never got at all. Each day has become a race to take in as much as I can support my son in all the ways he may need.

It helps that my wife is also the cornerstone of this family, the one who always seems to know what Zyan needs, and how to get to him to bed in a blink. The one who has begun experimenting with new foods, and bathes regularly (I have only half managed one time). and seeing her in that role brings me a type of peace. A fullness to our a family of four (gotta always count the Dog) allows us to create a bubble of love, affection, and gratitude. We both have been working on ensuring we are partners not just expectation that we each do a certain role. That thought process is sure to breed resentment as both of us want to be involved in ever aspect of our son’s life no matter how mundane or messy.

Each time we look at Zyan, it is hard to believe we were blessed with one who already creates so much love, joy and laughter. Each morning, I can’t wait to hear his gurgles, and coos as he talks to himself, and then upon seeing me bursts into a such a wide smile that it tears open my heart and makes it even bigger. Seeing him do that to our friends over the weekend just made feel so full of gratitude and blessings that I hope continue on this small Journey known as Zyan.

Happy Monday everyone!

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