An Unexpected Treat

This past weekend became one of great moments. From spending time with dear friends, playing poker, watching the Lakers win decisively, to celebrating a bridal shower, all that alone would have sufficed but then along came Sunday and an unexpected treat. Zyan got to the spend the whole day with his cousins. It has been something I have looked forward to due to my own closeness to my cousins. Watching Zyan be kissed continually by his 18 month old cousin while his 4 year cousin fed him strawberries just brings me immense joy. I have told my brother and sister in law numerous times, I cannot wait for them to grow up together as I did with my own family.

The bond of cousins can form a great foundation because although you are family, you also have an opportunity to be dear friends. You can share things with each other that perhaps you would not with a sibling or feel a closeness that can be hard to explain. Sharing moments where you get to be silly with each other, to just share time, to be around each other forms great ties that can go far in life. Whats even more exciting is that Ezra and Zyan will be close in age and distance, ensuring that they will get to spend even more time together. And judging from this past Sunday, it will be sure to be a fun time.

Just being present and seeing them do this made for a magical day, but then all of us realizing that we need to do more often just accentuated our desire for the cousins to connect like we all have with each other. It are these type of days that not only create amazing memories, but allows us to experience our children in their element as they navigate new relationships. Again, there was a sharp pang of grief that Papa never got a chance to meet Zyan, and others as well, but I am truly grateful for the network of love he is surrounded by. And as much as I want Papa to be here, these type of days make up for it.

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