On Travel

Nothing like an impromptu trip out of the city to remind one that there so much out there to see even if it is a place you have been to before. It all comes down to when you go see it or what your mood is like, or at what age. Repetition can be the way to experience new things at a place even if you do stay at the same hotel, and do the same thing except the difference is inside you. It became a chance to catch up with friends living in that city, a way to develop a deeper bond.

After nearly three years, going to Vegas seemed surreal. Especially driving. It hit me that I am not used to driving long distances like before where four to six hours sounded nearby. So much has changed in the past years that things that I took for granted come in a new light. That’s not to say change is bad, but unplanned ones such as a pandemic due to continue to affect me in ways I had not counted on.

Yet again gratitude comes to the rescue. Being able to travel now with less anxiety is a boon, yet some habits are hard to break. There is some hesitancy being indoors with a lot of people. There were moments I caught myself thinking maybe I needed a mask. These are new habits from a strange time, and it is okay. It will take time to adjust. Already as the trip came to an end, my wife warmed to the idea of coming back with others, or perhaps doing other things.

This trip was just a reset. A time for us to reconnect with what we thought we could never do again. A chance to be a couple, and not have a routine, to break out of the humdrum of daily life. To go a distance far enough to recognize our blessings of what we have and what’s coming. I often wonder why I don’t travel more. A trip like this is one that makes you realize that we have friends now in a place that we used to just come stay in a hotel in.

And so as this week starts, I am determined to keep travelling, to keep finding ways to deepen our experience, and to know that we have loved ones in different place.

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