On Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is always a full celebration with my mom, mother in law, sisters and cousins. It amazes me to realize how many I am surrounded by so many great examples of sacrifice, love, and patience. As a male, I take it for granted. Coming to my mom’s house, I turn into a son not the attorney. Going to my mother in laws, I become the son in law who gets taken care of. So the one day we do get for them has to be to make them feel loved and appreciated. But even on that day, both moms want to take care of others. It’s as if the thought of others doing for them what they do on a daily basis makes them feel uncomfortable.

It’s taken years for my mom to be okay with having others dote on her. My mother in law is still a work in progress, her good nature still will not allow her to sit still while others do the work. She still feels the need to help, support and ensure that others have a good time. And then of course I see my sisters, sister in law, and cousin also share some of the same characteristics, and I realize that giving is just in their nature now.

And so as usual gratitude floods me as I see my amazing wife go out of her way to ensure all the moms know how we feel about them. I am still mostly an observer (although I do make a mean spicy Shakshuka), and as the exhaustion hits at the end of the day, it hits me that each of the mothers does this every single day. And I take in their goodness, good naturedness, and thank my blessings. Here’s hoping that one day I am able to repay all the gifts.

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