Gratitude and Grace

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The past few weeks after Atomic Habits have been my most productive along with Think Like a Monk and Mastering Mindful Eating giving me essential tips on how to be more efficient and aware of the present. Rather than mindless eating or thinking of what to wear in the morning, I have begun to taste my bites and try to eat slower (key word being try) and also packing up my gym clothes and my work clothes the night before has reduced the rushed feeling I would get as I tried to leave the house in the morning. I am grateful that I am able to access so much information and knowledge and learn from it.

But more than that. I also am working on grace on the days when I cannot get to it all. I get to accept with grace when my to do list is not completed or only half done. I use grace to acknowledge gratitude for how far I have come. It hit me that on Friday I ran one of my fastest average 7 miles and yet I was more annoyed that I didn’t run more and then I took it in. The old me would never have dreamt about running let alone 7 miles. Too often, it’s easier to focus on what didn’t get done rather than what did.

That’s not to say I should always be patting myself on the back. I know that I tend to lean towards some laziness and fear of getting out of my comfort zone. But I also know that if I don’t steep myself in gratitude and grace, I will be constantly unhappy with myself which is not a good space to be in. And so I keep working at thing, keep doing things that scare the crap out of me, do things that bring me joy but most of all I keep focusing on growing and enjoying the journey!

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