Pushing Myself

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It’s crazy to me that February is almost at an end. For the past few years, I have felt the years rolling by even with the craziness in the world because I have chosen to focus on the things that I can change which is just me. As I continue to keep challenging myself, it has become a bit of game to see how else can I make myself uncomfortable. This month the challenge has been to east 800 grams of fruits and veggies (part of my Crossfit Gym challenge) which seemed easy since I am a vegetarian until I began weighing my salads and realized I would have to eat monstrous bowls to get to to 800 grams. Moreover, I was eating a lot of fried foods, pastas and potatoes, none of which counted in the challent until I realized that fruits are my friend as well as some beans.

So each morning I began eating fruits not just one but several once I realized an apple, a banana and an orange got me to 400 grams immediately. One of the side effects of eating fruit in the morning was that my energy levels rose as if I was taking a pre-workout and my workouts started to become a bit easier in terms of my stamina and endurance.

Another challenge I took was to write daily. I have longed to write since high school and although I have somewhat been regular in blogging, to me, that’s not the writing that I endeavored to. My best friends gift to me of MasterClass got me engaged with the writing courses and I now know I need to sit in front of the computer daily to write. My goal is simple, write 100 words. I have made the goal so simple that it is hard to argue against it and it also pushes me to get something, anything down. And now at 3000 words, I have the makings of a short story (maybe a novel). It may not even be great writing, but it is still more writing than I have done in over a year.

So I continue on this path of pushing myself because I am my own competition. I am in my own way. I am the obstacle I get to overcome not others or things or life, me. I get to push myself because if I don’t, no one else is going to do it for me.

What will you do to push yourself? Happy Monday!

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