Productive or Action

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Last week, I managed to run 17 miles, read 150 pages, connect with my wife on a deeper level, sign 4 new clients. ate 800 grams of fruits and veggies daily, journaled consistently, wrote 500 words of fiction, finished a Master Class, and got to spend time with loved ones. And I say all this not to brag (although I am pretty proud of myself) but to really acknowledge for myself that it’s easy to focus on what I didn’t get done or didn’t do well enough.

After running 7 miles, my first thought was oh god I ran so slow. After I sat down to write, the thought that the story wasn’t that great or that it didn’t make sense. As I journaled, I hated my handwriting and how long it was taking me to write them out.

Over and over, the negative thoughts came and, in the past, I gave credence to them, gave them priority while really not allowing myself to see my progress. And so with the help of Think Like a Monk, Atomic Habits and Mastering Mindful Eating, I give myself grace and acceptance. I applaud my efforts rather than criticize them. I try not to compare or bemoan on what I didn’t get to do or didn’t do as well as I expect.

I acted, and I moved forward and that’s all that matters, and then I get a week like last week where I truly feel superhuman when I look at my activity. So I keep moving, keep acting, keep being productive not for bragging rights but to be a better person for myself and others.

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