Back to Reality

downloadJet lag skirts my eyes but I am determined not to succumb. Memories of the trip still fresh, but more than anything is the desire to go back, travel, see other parts, and just get to know the homeland more in-depth. It’s a strange feeling. I had not thought about India for so long that it never crossed my mind as to how much I was missing out on. Something clicked in me when I went back (besides the loads of delicious food), and that it was when I accept things as they are, stop complaining about all the things missing in India and just take it in, it’s a beautiful fun place.

Does it have pollution, corruption, crazy drivers and heat? Absolutely.

Would I go back? In a heartbeat. Because what I saw there was the realization of how good it is to live without judgement and not fight what is in front of you. I am not gonna lie, there were moments where I wanted to tear my hair out (especially with the bribery), but all in all, it was just another beautiful place that has so much to teach. And for that I am grateful.

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