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Just Another Sunday?

not-just-another-SundayIt’s been a quiet week, but one with purpose. As I slowly get back into the rhythm of my LA life, I miss so many things about India, but more than anything else, it is the feeling of connecting and experiences.  I haven’t reached out to many while back, and it is on purpose. I needed the quiet time to process it all, and just be.  Just let the flow of the days come over me as I transition back to my daily life. There is so much to do, but really it comes down to what I want to experience.

I see so many opportunities to change as well add new things to my life. Yet for now, I am just being, taking in this beautiful Sunday. I mourn the loss of a good family friend just not for my parents for his beautiful wife and kids. Life continues to happen and while I could spend all my time complaining about it or just accepting it for what it is. I gaze out and watch the breeze gently move the trees, and I am struck in awe of how perfect the world is in its imperfection.

Sometimes it is just a day, but it is not just another Sunday. It is life. We can choose to accept it or waste time fighting it.

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