The Last Days

677d06c2294f6043f78ba26e9c6e85b1 I have settled into a routine different from the one from home. I wake up (usually 6 hours or less), get handed a coffee from someone who has worked with my family in some shape or another for the past 38 years.  Then after a bit, breakfast is made by him. And then the day begins which for me usually mean being open and observing and just letting things come as they are. It is a dramatic change from my life at home where I have almost all hours scheduled. It has been a huge learning opportunity as I learn to let go, and just be.

It has also been an exercise in letting go of judgement and impatience. Of not being in charge or being asked to make any decisions. I just got to let things unwrap as they occurred. It helped that I am reading Radical Acceptance, and I cannot help be amazed how much judgement and noise is in my head when things do not go as I wish them to go (which was constant).

Even the travel to the Golden Temple was hectic, chaotic, and done in a flash, but all that went into my mind is to trust and be thankful for the opportunity. Each moment in India has been unrepeatable and memorable, including the hours long traffic, the getting lost, the going to places where  I don’t know people, connecting with new loved ones and realizing that the trip to India is not about the country but about my own personal journey.

It is up to me what to make of it. I choose gratitude.

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