Running Shadow

running-shadowI never expected to like running. Most times, I still dread it. Yet when I am puffing along, each time a reminder that I am too old for this shit, I see my shadow in front of me, seeming to say, “keep moving. You got this, man.  One step at a time.” As I run, the thoughts inside run along as well, from wondering about my next story to my next event to ideas for date night. The run has becoming my time to be present even though I am lost in thought. It is a time to reconnect with all that is going underneath. It still strikes me as surreal that 2 years ago, I was recovering from brain surgery.  What a difference, the idea of losing your mind, makes.

So I run with the shadow in front of me, pushing me, goading me, getting me to go oh just a bit farther and faster.  To get to the next milestone (12 miles, baby), to be better than I was before. To do more things. Think more ideas. Have more ideals. Change more. Stay certain. The thump of the shoes on the pavement a reminder of how far I have come, and the running shadow in front of me pushing me to keep going.

Run, Sanjay, Run.

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