First Wedding Occasion

One of the joys with Zyan are the many firsts that are sure to come. This past weekend marked his first attendance at a wedding function albeit it being the prayers. Appropriate, considering how blessed we feel to have him in our lives. Of course, his presence made multiple faces light up, and I hope he continues to be a joyful presence amongst loved ones.

As an obsessed parent, I cannot help smiling along with him when he shows his gums and his open smile. I cannot help feeling proud that my son shows love to all those that shower it on him. His mood can change when tiredness overwhelms from all the activity, but he hangs for as long as he can. Each day, he grows into his own person and although I recognize he is only 4 months old, he is beginning to show his own personality. He soothes himself to bed (mostly), and he is ready to greet anyone who greets him (until he isn’t). This wedding occasion established a new routine of so many new people who got to see him for the first time, and while I had to mightily resist the urge on how to hold him, he mostly stayed in the arms of the ones who held on tight, protecting him from too much hopping around.

A wedding also means a change in routine. One of things that hit me hard that there are no days off with a child (well duh!) which means weekends and days off don’t mean much. This makes routine all the more important for a baby as too much disruption in his day means a rough night (mostly for my wife), and so it will be interesting to see how we manage this. The reality is that we will not always get the schedule we want or need with him if we are to have a social life.

What helps is talking about it, and going over scenarios. Again, all new for us as we can no longer just pick up and go. It means communicating clearly, knowing our calendars, but most of all hearing what the other needs, including Zyan. So lets see how Zyan’s first wedding goes.

Happy Monday!

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