A Moment

Today’s Headspace Meditation point spoke about being grateful for the little things, from running hot water, to clothes to wear or something you desired before and now have. In that moment, I looked down to the stroller as I walked my son and dog. The sun wasn’t shining, but the warmth of his smile was more than enough to fill my world. The moment felt complete, something to hold on to forever. Years ago, this is something I could never even fathom. Don’t get me wrong, I love being uncle to so so many nephews and nieces, but this is just something else.

What makes it even better is to be able to share him with so many of them. He is now the littlest cousin, already doted on by so many, loved intensely by dozens, and it is just the beginning. And so I took in the moment, and another and another and what was supposed to be a quick stroll became a love walk. One filled with gratitude for my wife for really pushing for it, for making the big decision, for giving us this light that I didnt realize needed to shine in our lives. But she knew. Somehow she manifested it, and now we can say we are parents.

And that was another moment. To give thanks to the one that made it possible. For that, I will be forever be grateful. And in this time, I wish I had more than words to give her, and it hit me that I do. I get to not to just say I am grateful or that I love her, but to show her, to make her feel seen. And so a simple moment turns into a lifetime of counting our blessings.

And then I kept pushing my son along on his path along with our fur baby Bella.

Happy Monday

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