A New Monday

The sun slowly lights up my backyard, the melody of Taren Kaur’s Guru Lullaby fills the room, and I sit looking at my son sleep peaceful with a bit amount of incredulity. This is a morning routine I have come to cherish, including sending good morning videos to the family because of course when he first wakes, its with glorious smiles and laughter.

As Zyan rapidly approaches 4 months, a routine of sorts has set in, one fills up my days with wonder, joy, and some concern when we cannot calm him (even though its not for very long). The other aspect that has also grown is working remotely not only has allowed me to be home to support my wife and Zyan, it has opened up another avenue: the 1pm Crossfit class. At first, it seemed to strange to me that there was even a class at that time, but after going regularly (well 3 times a week for me), it hit me how much more productive I am with a break that includes exercise. It appears others at my gym feel the same way because regularly there are 8-10 people. My only regret is that I can no longer go to my old Crossfit box as it is simply too far.

Joining a new box can always be a bit intimidating, part of it is my own self-consciousness since I havent worked out seriously in a year, am still lacking strength in my right shoulder, still cant pull ups or double unders. But as I continue to go, the faces soften with recognition, the coaches encourage me with tips to better my strength and technique. So a new routine came out due to Zyan, but one that allows me to be a better version of myself.

Sure, there is work to be done. Things to be figured out. People to make up to. Relationships to rebuild. Create a better network, but in this New Monday, I can see all of that happening if I continue on this path.

Happy Monday all!

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