Costa Rica

It seems surreal to think that just 48 hours ago, I was near perfect weather, sandy beaches and with some great friends, celebrating the start of the my 50th Birthday. We did the usual: Ziplining, drinking, private chef, amazing house, making fun of each other, all organized by a dear friend who spent multiple hours getting it set even after our original group of 8 people went down to 4. To the point where we considered cancelling then said oh what the hell lets do it anyway, and I have no regrets. Well almost no regrets. Although I deeply wished the entire group had gone,. I also wished I had left my ego at home.

On the last day, we decided to go ATV riding and even though I had never gone, never driven a motorcycle, had no idea of the dangers when inexperienced, I decided to go. Thankfully, my friend rode behind me who got increasingly concerned as the ride up the mountain continued. He coached me to slow down, and instead of me admitting that I wasn’t cut out for this I nodded and then kept going and after a few minutes managed to hit an embankment that flipped the ATV over onto me, dislocating my shoulder.

The agony of being driven down the mountain felt like hours when it was probably closer to 30 minutes and then heading to a clinic to get it popped it back in was intensely even more painful and something I would not recommend. Even in that moment, I knew that I was out from Crossfit and physical exercise for a while, and it hit me that my choices brought me here. I had no one to blame.

And so I hobble around with some great memories and not so great ones, but I also know that this is the beginning of a helluva year, and I’ll be damned if I am gonna let a minor silly thing like this derail me as a person. I got a trip I never forget, and I also get the chance to focus on recovery and healing and get back to where I was. This was a minor slip not a great fall. It all comes down to my attitude and actions.

Looking forward to what else 2022 has to bring!

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