An Inability to See the Other Side

The other day, someone asked me if I was a Anti-vaxxer because of a video I forwarded to them. I was flabbergasted. Aside from being full vaccinated, it felt that no longer can there be any questioning to the current narrative. It made me want to explain that I work out 5 days a week, reduced alcohol consumptions, increased supplementation, focused on being outdoors, but it felt once the word grenade was launched, there was nothing I could say to change their position. Even wondering how this all started is no longer something to be considered. But I am tired of the fear,tired of seeing so many struggle to cope, to not be with others, or see new places or scenarios. Tired of listening to others judgments for why people aren’t vaccinated or questioning the mandates. The increasing amounts of boosters, and one can no longer wonder, is there something more I can do than just take shots or is that the end game?

At what point do we learn to make it work in our daily lives, or to have a discussion that makes us curious about the side? When did it become okay to silence the questions or those who do not believe the narrative that this is the only way? I am VERY aware of what camp this puts me in even though I am complying. My frustration comes from something person as a recent friends trip got caused half the group to drop off out of concerns. I don’t blame them, but it drives home the question can we do anything different or just hide, be inside, avoid others even when the symptoms appear to be mild.

When do we become open to having conversations rather than debates or allowing each other the kindness to think and feel differently? To give the courtesy of listening and being heard. I don’t pretend to be a scientist, but I also no longer get information from one source, person or narrative. It’s okay to question. I am not advocating denial or conspiracy, but a healthy skepticism. To come to terms with your own decisions based on your own thinking not what others want you to.

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