Being in Service

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I used to think that being in service just meant volunteering or helping out strangers, yet more and more I see that it really means opening your heart and listening with empathy to others. When I do that, I see so many opportunities to be in service to others. It can be as simple as having meals with my mom regularly which allows us to catch up or take my lunch time to play with my niece who only knows true joy and lights up my day.

More and more I see that being in service is about me and what it does to me, how it makes me feel and that it is not being about nobel or good just available and open to spending times with others. That’s not to say it cannot be volunteering or doing community service, but its not just about that. Its about who I am as a person that I am willing to use the one limited resource I have for others which is time.

I used to spend so much of my time doing things that did not bring me joy, things that I thought would advance me, make a better person, more money, more skills, better with others, make me smarter when really I had all those resources in others the entire time. Spending time with mom taught me about business, family, loving over. Being with my wife taught me about the value of making a good deal, and empathy for loved ones.

Grabbing a bite with my sisters the value of loyalty and growth. The list goes on and on and it just comes from being in service. It took me almost 50 years to learn this lesson, I hope I can spend the next 50 implementing it.

Happy Monday!

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