Memories on Memorial

Photo by Brett Sayles on

This past weekend, I got to experience amazing generosity for which I was truly grateful, but more than that, taking the time to really think about those who have sacrificed so we could have this freedom is deeply humbling. It’s interesting I used to believe that expressing gratitude for this day meant I was a spouting a certain type of politics when really I got to just check in with the reason for this holiday.

Do people use it to say their beliefs? absolutely as is their right. For me, it was different as the past few years I have worked out with many first responders, veterans, and essential workers, and it has clarified for me how many heroes I am lucky to have around. People who are willing to give up their lives for us, for this country, for people whose beliefs they don’t share, for ensuring that we continue to be a great democracy. And while so many at my gym Murph, I only managed a 3.5 mile with a vest in the heat so I could perhaps just perhaps feel a tiny bit of the pain these people around me choose so easily on a daily basis.

Then there are also the memories created this weekend with two different sets of friends who showed the same type of kindness, thoughtfulness and graciousness in hosting. Gratitude filled me as they heaped on not only food and drink, but meaningful conversation, deepening our bond. For that, I could only thank them endlessly but also be in gratitude for being so blessed. And so as the weekend came to a close, my amazement hasn’t.

Here’s to an amazing June.

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