Spending Time

This weekend turned out to be a time with family, and it hit me yet again how blessed I am to have the family that I do. While Saturday was a supposed to be a quick afternoon birthday party, it turned into a all day affair. Same for Sunday. Whereas we were supposed to go to Temecula for wine tasting but instead stayed in and did our own. I am constantly reminded me that one of the reasons I managed well in the Pandemic was due to the largeness of my bubble.

While the weekend whirled away in a blur, I am left with so much gratitude to be able to spend so much time with loved ones. I am continually amazed at how many of us enjoy spending time together with not much drama but lots of sharing, laughters and of course lots and lots of food and drink.

More and more, it is these times I will remember as I also know that we deal with very real possibility that all of us are here for a time, and while we can’t take anything for us, I treasure that we will have things and events to discuss and remember. It’s easy to be sad and miss the ones that are not here, but its also easy to celebrate the ones who are here.

This is not to diminish that pain, but I do believe it’s important to acknowledge our blessings. I know I tend to lean to remember the ones not here and while I miss them dearly, I want to be sure to let the ones here now how much they mean to be me, too. I am truly grateful and blessed.

Happy Monday!

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