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The Unfinished Me

It is hard to believe that we are already in the middle of February, the days get faster and faster, and I cannot let go of this nagging feeling to go, go, go! There is a constant energy inside me which pushes me to be the best version of myself, and I am not satisfied with my progress in some matters such as my writing and being in service. Each day feels as if I am playing catch up, yet it is not an emotion of putting myself down but pushing myself forward.

There are many around me suffering me, and it hits me that life is a treasure to be treasured and instead of focusing on what I don’t have. I get to celebrate my blessings. If I am being completely honest, it is not always easy but more and more I set myself up ways to win by just showing up, my having a morning routine that feeds me emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It has become a pleasure to take in the mornings where I sit in silence and contemplate my day, and that nervousness inside me that used to hold me back from jumping into the best version of myself now propels to take ever more chances.  I finally get so many of my father’s lessons, and more and more I realize that a Sabarwal man does not take things or people for granted. He gets to leave the world better than he found it. So off I got to another day.

Happy Monday!

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