A Beautiful Soul

dads-store-closing-031I cannot believe you are gone. No more ” Papa loves you.”  No more hugs. No more music distribution. No more Ziba Music. Selfishness reigns my body, and I just want you back. But you went on your terms. In your hometown while celebrating your 50th anniversary with the love of your life. You taught me what romantic love is. I got the love of music from you. You never ever missed an opportunity to tell us how you felt.

When I think about it, I got to spend the most of time with you Papa. You supported every stupid or exciting idea I had. From promoting parties, making cds, or just buying titles for the store. You were the first to hug me when I decided to practice law. You always smiled when I called you Padre. I was the one of the few who could borrow your car or a video from the your music room, and you wouldn’t complain.

These are the things that are flashing in mind, as I sit here in tears, reflecting on what a great father you were. You never held back your feelings. There is so much of you in me, but you were always the better man. Always smiling. Always making others laugh. Always finding my friends who you liked and ensuring you talked to them.

They say you find the good qualities when someone passes, but for that I am glad we got to share them before you left. My last hug and kiss from you was in London where we all were. These are the things that flash through me. Your never-ending smile. Your enjoyment of retirement to the fullest.  Your naps. Your walks. Your burning cds and then USBs for us. You shared your joy with us. For that, I am forever grateful.

I miss you, Papa.


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