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Facebook Hiding

mask-truth-self-quotes3It’s hard to be on Facebook sometimes. When tragedy strikes or some kind of win ( NBA finals), I get a steady stream of opinions, thoughts, and fights that it makes me want to quit social media. It is this kind of barrage that makes me wonder when the lines for oversharing were blurred. It feels as if everyone (including me) has a megaphone and we are just blaring away our mouth. Yet am I truly listening anymore? More and more, I just scroll, scroll, looking aimlessly at the shouts and then after a few minutes shut it off.

It feels like an empty snack. You keep consuming but never feel full.  It also a form of avoiding and hiding.  Unlike social media, you cannot turn off life, but it sure feels that way sometimes when I close that app on my phone. I feel I have shut of a gusher of information and images that no longer bombard my soul .Yet then I go back again. But sometimes there are moments. Just a breath. I remind myself why I choose to be on social media. To connect, to remember, to know my loved ones are ok and to reminisce. I put down the judgemental and avoiding hat and enjoy social media for what it is not what I want it to be. Just like life.

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