Life Happens

motivational-quotes-page-101Two days before Jassi Sidhu. Three days before my Spartan race. Been training for months, and of course I wake up on Monday with a tickle in my throat. First reaction, “oh shit, what about the party and the race?” but then took a deep breath, and realized how wonderful  the past weekend had been, the smile on my beautiful wife, and the happiness I felt as we watched our Reception video. In that moment, nothing mattered. I felt full. All was well. It struck me that I used to hate running with a passion, and would have constant anxiety as I did an event, but now I get antsy if I don’t run regularly, and I am just looking forward to the event.

It’s because I looked at the reason why I signed up for these things. The point was to have fun.  I am in a position in life where I can dabble in things, and while the younger me took things way too seriously, I now know what’s more important. Do I lose sight of that sometimes? Yes. Actually, more often than I care to admit. It’s too easy to focus on the past and the future. In fact, I think most of are so focused on that, we don’t see the present. I mean for a second, I thought about it. So what I have a cold or the flu?  I miss the race. Big deal.  What if the party is a flop?  Well, lets see my friend Jassi is coming and so are my other good friends Sandeep Kumar and Dhol Nation,  and my best friend my wife, and you know what, I will just have to dance my butt off. Not a shabby way to spend a Friday night.

We all have a choice each moment. Accept it or fight it. You just gotta know which battles to pick. Enjoying what I have now.

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