On Preparing and Maya

This past weekend, we began preparations for getting the house ready for baby boy. From cleaning out the garage to finally unboxing all the wonderful gifts from friends and family, and installing the car seat, it suddenly became very real. Nervousness has become my best friend, but so has growing excitement. I know there will be lots to learn, and while I can’t learn everything from YouTube, I am still going to give it a good shot. And then there is my growing list of things to do, from adding him to our insurance, getting ready to truly receive him to getting him his passport for his very first trip.

Which leads to me another special moment of the weekend. Receiving my niece’s wedding card. It’s surreal to see the baby I have known since birth now starting her own new chapter in life. To be brutally honest. I always had a special connection with my nieces and nephews because I’d presumed those would be the only children in my life. And I was okay with that for a long time because I got and gave so much love to them.

But Maya, she was our first born in our family. The first person to call me Mamu. The one I taught (as a joke) that boys are bad, the one who I saw in all messy and beautiful glory. Watching her grow up has been a true joy. From not being just considerate to ensuring that she spent time with my mom, and also getting to know her amazing fiancee, who emanates the same type of kindness.

Getting her wedding card and our baby’s first official invitation just felt like beautiful serendipity, and the realization that life truly is a circle. And as always.I am beyond blessed with the people in my life.

Happy Monday!

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