Journal, Preeti


By SinnerX

There is no time.  Just me and her. The only quietness on her face while the room buzzes with small beeps indicating normalcy or a call for help.  It has been far too long since I stared at her for so long.  Her breathing gentle, accompanied with small grimaces of pain when she moves too suddenly. 

I only see her face, holding onto my coffee with dear life, focusing my gaze on her body and willing for the stranger inside her to be gone.  I imagine being lazer like and just destroy all that is foreign.  I gaze and focus on her willing my love to pour into her and eradicate all that bothers her.  I imagine feeling her with so much joy there is room for nothing else. 

I lean in closer to her,  filling my vision with just her face, imagining beautiful eyes full of life, laughter and the knowledge that everything is going to be alright.  I stare hard, hoping/wishing/praying that somehow the cancer can teleport into me (Star Trek like).  I stare, willing the enemy within to just go away, get away from my love.  Shoo!  You don’t belong here.  I stare and I stare.

There is no time.