Writing: Oct 22 2010

Niles Moseley Apartments
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Havent been able to write much lately. Although, I constantly wish I had a machine to transcibe my thoughts which whirl around my brain but refuse to come out when I actually sit down to write. It’s as if my mind is still fighting the idea that I am going to leave my current life as General Counsel and become a writer. The thought seems to scare us both.

But I know I must sit down, must stop worrying about the dog, my breath, or my coffee, and just shove the words our before they get lost in what I call my daily life because if I dont, I will stay the person I am. And for once, it just doesnt sound that appealing. I got the gadgets, I got the tools, I got the girl but what I dont have is passion and the certainty that I am doing what I was meant to do. Write.