October 18

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
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Less than inspired today when I got to the keyboard, yet was there for once without hesitation. Realized music and coffee werent on, which explained the silence in my soul. Reviewed the leaving idea and decided that although rushed, it was a good start. Managed only to add 2 more paragraphs after 30 minutes so decided to put it aside and begin the I remember idea. That proved to be even more difficult, and adter 30 minutes I had barely managed a young memory of when I first really cheated by photocopying some essays for all the honor students in my Spanish Class in junior. Wasnt particularly inspired and I think I have written about it before and sadly better.

The only thing I have to cling on is that waking up and writing has become easier but I need to face the fact that I need to start practicing more.