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A Wake Up Call

It Amazes Me
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So I received a wonderful email from a friend whose words struck a chord with me.  I won’t embarrass her by saying who it is but will put up the excerpt.  It truly is great advice and one that I plan to try and implement in my life.  It amazes me how help and great words come from unexpected sources.  The people I assumed would be the main support of my life now have reinforcements and ,in some ways, outpaced by people I haven’t talked to in year.  I am truly blessed and humbled to have so many come forward and be in my life, and for that I do not think I can thank God or these people enough.

I will let the excerpt complete this post because it truly does, and I hope whoever reads it gets what it’s trying to do:

I have been wanting to say a few things to you after reading your post.  Like you have been told by others, I think you are being too hard on yourself.  We never see it ourselves so its natural that people in our lives point it out to us.  If you think striving for perfection is going to fix all, then you can definitely try…but remember there is no such thing.  So is striving for something that does not exist worth the consequences of your efforts.

If you want to strive for something, then strive to live each moment with what feels right to you.  When you are down on yourself, you judge, degrade, negate, scold, demoralize yourself.  These negative actions cause more negative thoughts and spread like poison in your system.  Stop and realize that if you have negativity inside you, what is coming out to the people around you?

If you are asking “What do I do then?” Well of course that is up to you.  If you want to create more positivity around you, it has to start with you.  Use your power of making a choice to choose and create more positive thoughts.  Here are a few things you might want to try if you aren’t already…

print out positive affirmations and put them in places where you will see them at least once a day.  Here are some affirmation from Louise Hay (She use to have cancer and developed affirmations to be more positive)
-“All is well.  Out of this experience, only good will come.  Everything is working out for
my highest good.  I am safe.”
-“I am divinely protected and guided.”
-“I release the past and allow love to find me.  I attract healthy, loving relationships.”

-Play classical music in the background.  Here are some Baroque composers.  Its said that since playing music from this time period is more stimulating because it was composed in a time of richness and abundance.
-Johann Sebastian Bach
-Antonio Vivaldi
-George Frideric Handel

-At night before you guys go to bed, tell each other at least 3 things you are both thankful for that day.

-Don’t criticize yourself or others.

-Surround yourselves with positive people.

-Respond to your emotions, don’t just react to them.

I am sure you are both overwhelmed with so much coming your way.  Don’t feel you have to do what others are saying…find your own ways, your own peace.  Learn to discover what is love and peace to the both of you and build a life together on that.