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I Just Hit and Ran!: Legal Reasons #43

There are times when we can panic and make mistakes that seem unfixable.The reality is that although some actions are repair, a hit and run MAY be possible to overcome.  It’s a crime in California to leave the scene after being involved in or causing an accident. Any driver who does so can be charged with misdemeanor or a felony hit-and-run. The severity of the charges depends on whether the accident involved property damage, bodily injury, or death.

A driver can be charged with hit-and-run after leaving the scene of an injury accident even if he or she wasn’t at fault. California law requires every driver who causes or is involved in an accident to stop and exchange information. Hit-and-run is an extremely serious charge, even if the accident involves only property damage. If the crash results in a hit and run causing death or serious injury, the driver faces severe consequences that can include prison time.

A driver convicted of hit-and-run with injury in California faces repercussions that may include heavy fines, a driver’s license suspension, probation, and possibly even seizure of the driver’s vehicle and jail time. If someone other than the driver suffers serious permanent injury, a convicted hit-and-run driver faces up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

So no matter what, I always advise to pick up that phone and call a professional who

Legal, personal injury

Sue My Own Car Insurance Company?!! Are You For Real???: Legal Reasons #40

I often hear about people who get hit by uninsured or underinsured drivers, and are happy to receive any type of settlement. Many are not aware that their own insurance company is in the business of making money not ensuring their clients are made whole. So while it’s idea that the liable party pay for everything, there is a chance they only have liability insurance, or worse, no insurance. All is not lost!

In those instances, it would be foolish not to consider your insurance company for compensation especially where there is significant injury and monetary lose due to inability to work. Always get a free consultation from an attorney regarding your matter.  At a minimum, you will be better informed, and perhaps even see there are more options than you had considered.

At a minimum, always get a police report done so whoever the irresponsible party is, they are cited and are held responsible.