Morocco: Rusna & Stel’s Big Fat Sikh Greek Wedding

Early Saturday morning. Zyan’s cooing the background music for this morning. I feel a bit woozy, but blissful. Up since 4am, Zyan seems like he still wants to be at the parties, with the family members, the constant kisses, hugs, smiles and the sheer joy he provided to so many. Truth be told, so do I. A slight regret that even after taking hundred of photos, they won’t do justice to the memories created, the bonds strengthened with nieces and nephews I don’t get to see very often along with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and other people who are like family. And then the realization that my wife and I took our son on planes, our nervousness instantly dissipated when we saw him peacefully sleep through multiple flights. We have an angel in him, his many gifts to his older father and beautiful mother.

Still processing. Still seeing the images in my head. Still scrolling through all the social media posts, showcasing the incredible events. A welcome lunch with so much food that even I couldn’t eat all the varieties. Then an unforgettable Sangeet featuring Nihal Singh that went on till 3am. Then a music party featuring Indian Idol Stay Mohammad Danish which made my heart ache as I know how much Papa would have enjoyed him. Then a beautiful Anand Karaj that was entirely led by women, something I have not experienced at any Indian wedding. And finally a reception that featured surprise family performances and actually funny, sweet and special speeches. And of course, the food, drink, music, and the endless dancing. But most of all, the sheer joy of being around a couple intensely in love, both gorgeous in looks, personality and expression of themselves. Rusna truly looked like a princess out of a fairytale while her new husband Stel not only managed to be dashing at each event, but won us over with his ready smile, and acceptance of our crazy big Sikh family by not only him but his wonderful family. It made my heart swell in a way that is hard to put into words.

7 days in a new country with our 6 month old son and not once did my wife and I regret our decision. In fact, gratitude for my wife overwhelmed me at points because she allowed Zyan to be experienced by so much of my family. But what really hits home is the incredible generosity my favorite cousin and his family showed all of us by hosting us at an insanely beautiful venue, each detail attended to and taken care of. The hotel an architectural marvel, made even more so beautiful by Rusna and Stel’s presence along with the 180 attendees. Of course, my sister Sumita was a force behind the scenes in ensuring all went smooth.

So here. I sit now, the sun slowly rising, lightening the room, yet not having an affect due to our own bright moods created by Lucky and Sonia, the parents who did it again, a second wedding that we will talk about for years. It amazes me the foundation our parents built so not only are we close to our cousins, but their children as well. In Morocco, we say Shukran as Thank You, and it cannot be a coincidence that we say Shukar in Punjabi. So Lucky and Sonia, Shukar, Shukar, Shukar for allowing us to witness your amazing Daughter and Son in laws weddig.

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